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Friday, March 28, 2014

A Revolution In Hair Renewal Has Begun: Introducing Renessence® #Renessence #thinninghair

Renessence LLC announces the launch of the Renessence Hair Renewal System, www.renessencehair.com, a hair care wonder that blazes new territory for the millions of American men and women who suffer from thinning hair.
A simple to use 3-step shampoo/conditioner/serum treatment, Renessence is formulated with a blend of proprietary renewal peptides that stimulates hair follicle stem cells for new hair growth in as little as two months. Residing in an all-new cosmetic category the company has named "Hair Renewal", Renessence is for men and women of all ages, with varying stages of thinning hair and also, importantly, acts as a hair loss preventative.
Renessence is created by Founder Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, a noted plastic surgeon and scientist, who twenty years ago created the first-ever plastic surgeon-formulated skincare product that successfully merged biotechnology with beauty.  As with Brown's renowned skincare line, biotechnology is the foundation of Renessence, a distinction that indelibly sets it apart from other existing hair loss products on the market.
The face of the brand is celebrity stylist Jordan Blackmore, who holds the issue of hair loss extremely close as his own personal history with it has played a significant role in his styling approach. A protege of legendary hair guru Oribe, Blackmore owns Three Squares Studio in New York City and his roster of celebrity clients includes NASCAR's Jeff Gordon, fashion designer Marc Jacobs, and actress-singer Selena Gomez.
"Renessence is a quantum shift for both consumers and the hair care industry," states Blackmore.  "It's not about hair restoration or hair replacement, it's about renewal; renewal of the hair and renewal of self-esteem for the 80% of men and women who suffer from some form of hair loss."
About Renessence: The Renessence Hair Renewal System is the first-ever plastic surgeon-developed hair care product that renews thinning hair at the molecular level.  The paraben and sulfate-free product line is comprised of Follicle Forever™ Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum and is available exclusively at www.renessencehair.com and select retailers. For more information visit www.renessencehair.com and follow Renessence on social media at www.facebook.com/renessencehair, www.twitter.com/renessencehair, http://www.pinterest.com/renessence/, http://instagram.com/renessencehair & http://www.youtube.com/RenessenceHair
Renessence, A Revolution in Hair Renewal™.

SOURCE Renessence LLC


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