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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: Mia Beauty Tony Ties With Charms #MiaBeauty

(photo courtesy of www.miabeauty.com)
mia beauty tony ties with charms
Girls love hair accessories. Teenage girls and tween girls especially cannot seem to live without them. My daughter included! So my 13 year old girl was very happy to test out some of the Mia Beauty Tony Ties with Charms.

These sleek yet extremely functional pony tail holders do not tug at the hair and are very comfortable to wear. They also do not leave a crease in the hair. Because they have a charm on them they can also be worn as bracelets to ensure that you always have Tony Tie® when you need one! The package has three Tony Ties® per package, the one my daughter tried had hot pink, purple with a heart and light pink.

Mia Beauty Tony Ties_8Mia Beauty Tony Ties_2Mia Beauty Tony Ties_3DSC02840Mia Beauty Tony Ties_7Mia Beauty Tony Ties_5Mia Beauty Tony Ties_9

The ties do very well as pony tail holders or as ties for braids. They look great with pink hair or would look great on natural hair (my daughter just happens to have pink hair!).
Mia Beauty Tony Ties are $7.00 per package of 3. They can be purchased at www.miabeauty.com. Mia Beauty has numerous other hair ties, barrettes, etc. They even have collegiate items!

(This item was sent for consideration) 

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