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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kombucha with a Cause #Kombucha #emerginC

Kombucha with a Cause
Two companies specializing in organic products made with Kombucha, a fermented tea known for its many health benefits, are bringing wide-spread popularity to the once niche ingredient, while leading a charitable charge. These Kombucha products give back, helping to plant trees, rescue dogs and more.
emerginC Scientific Organics
emerginC Scientific Organics is paraben-free, petro-chemical free, synthetic fragrance-free skincare collection that will plant a tree through Plant-It 2020 for every product sold.
One of the unique ingredients in Scientifics Organics is Kombucha. Through fermentation Kombucha yields a culture known as “scoby” which produces organic acids, vitamins and enzymes that hydrate and correct the pH of the skin, minimize visible signs of aging, tighten pores, diminish fine lines and blemishes, soothe eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions and act as a natural sun shield.
The Kombucha Cleanser is a gentle, effective, deep cleanser for all skin types that helps remove environmental pollutants, excess oil and make-up without drying the skin. Available for $34 at spas nationwide and online via www.skinstore.com and www.emerginc.com.


The dogs featured on the front of every bottle are Los Angeles-based rescue dogs ready for adoption. So far 20 of the 29 dogs featured have found new homes through Kombucha Dog drinkers. Each dog adopted is another dog saved.
Kombucha Dog beverages are raw, undiluted kombucha, handcrafted with all organic ingredients. Fermented with cold-pressed juices, the kombucha is naturally carbonated, very low in sugar and rich in probiotics and antioxidants that maintain bodily balance and aid in digestion. Kombucha Dog is currently available in Ginger, Wild Blueberry, Mint and Just Kombucha flavors. $47.70 for a case of 12 via www.kombuchadog.com .

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