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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Le Mieux Skin Perfecter #LeMieux #skinperfecter

le mieux skin perfector_thumb[1]Le Mieux (The Best in French) is a division of Bielle Cosmetics, Inc. They specialize in INNOVATIVE SKINCARE PRODUCTS and specialize in anti-aging and cell growth research. The high-tech youth preserving products keep them at the forefront of the constantly evolving beauty industry. They always have the latest breakthroughs in natural, herbal and botanical ingredients with innovative and state-of-the-art formulas. Le Mieux takes great pride in providing excellent training to its professionals and providing quality products. 

The Le Mieux Skin Perfecter is the perfect machine for obtaining perfect skin. It has multiple uses. Just 3 easy steps, 3 minutes, 3 times a week and you can have perfect skin. The Skin Perfecter is way beyond any ordinary cleansing device. It is a 4-in-1 tool that combines four skin perfecting treatments into one ultrasonic, handheld beauty tool. Professional-strength ultrasonic waves cleanse, exfoliate, extract and infuse serums to reveal smoother, brighter and more perfecto skin. Micro massage action gently cleanses and stimulates the skin.Plus, the best thing of all, the Skin Perfecter is easy to use and never requires brushes, cartridges, or discs.

These four treatments can be done with the Skin Perfecter:
    • Cleanser--deep cleanses skin and pores of excess oil, makeup residue, and surface impurities.
    • Exfoliator--gently removes cellular buildup using non-abrasive micro-exfoliation.
    • Extractor--extracts imperfections and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.
    • Infuser--accelerates absorption of serums and other skincare treatments.

The Skin Perfecter provides low frequency ultrasonic waves (28,000 vibrations per second) to gently cleanse, tone, stimulate the skin and accelerate the absorption of skincare treatments. The low frequency waves create cavitation, which is the sudden formation and collapse of bubbles in liquid. The impact of bubbles collapsing on the skin surface creates micro-jets that increase the permeability of cell walls, transporting molecules through the stratum corneum. It has an immediate two-fold benefit:
  • to deeply cleanse by softening pores, pushing out debris and impurities
  • to enhance the delivery of appropriately formulated topical skincare treatments and propelling products more affectively to the targeted area.

Deep Cleanse, Exfoliate and Extract: With this step you can actually exfoliate and extract debris from the skin. Turn on the unit and glide it across wet skin. It is unbelievable how you can actually feel the skin coming clean. Debris is being sucked out of the pores. I was skeptical at first until I used the unit and could feel it working!
Infuse: With this step the unit actually infuses serums into the skin. After applying serums, turn unit on and use the mode for infusion. Glide spatula across the face and feel it working. Again, I was skeptical but you can actually feel the Skin Perfecter working to infuse the serum into the skin. After it is done, skin is left feeling soft, smooth and looking radiant. It is best described as a light buzzing feeling that the Skin Perfecter gives off. 

Here is a video guide of the Skin Perfector to help you get started:

I have been using it with the Le Mieux TGF-β Booster Serum, which is a high potency serum that has 5 revolutionary proteins and 4 potent peptides. Used together the serum and Skin Perfecter make for a perfect team! The Skin Perfecter retails for $225.00. Order the Skin Perfecter from www.skinperfecter.com. Like Skin Perfector on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skinperfecter and Follow Skin Perfecter on Twitter: @LMSkinPerfecter.

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Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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  1. I am (finally) looking at this product. I believe it would be a gem for my skin care routine. Do you still use and are you happy with the results?


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