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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: Le Mieux Skincare #LeMieux #skincare

(photos courtesy of www.lemieux.com)

Le Mieux (“The Best” in French) is a division of Bielle Cosmetics, Inc. They specialize in INNOVATIVE SKINCARE PRODUCTS and specialize in anti-aging and cell growth research. The high-tech youth preserving products keep them at the forefront of the constantly evolving beauty industry. They always have the latest breakthroughs in natural, herbal and botanical ingredients with innovative and state-of-the-art formulas. Le Mieux takes great pride in providing excellent training to its professionals and providing quality products. 

Phyto Nutrient Cleansing Gel $24.00
le mieux phyto nutrient cleansing gel
An opulent blend of unique phytonutrient micro-bubbles removes makeup and surface impurities. The cleanser is gentle and maintains the skin’s natural, essential moisture balance. It is a light, foaming gel that features 12 botanical extracts to improve hydration, tone and texture. This cleanser is great for all skin types.
I found this cleanser to be very gentle and did remove all of my makeup. It left my skin feeling soft but not dry or stripped. I am loving this cleanser! It will be great for the summer season.

Essence Toner $24.00
This lightweight toner has an age-defying complex that is infused with bioactive peptides, botanical extracts and marine algae to energize, soften and refresh skin. Powerful anti-oxidants correct fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Perfect for all skin types.
That is a lot to ask from a toner, but this is more than a regular toner. This is in between a new breed of toner and serum products. Spritz onto skin and leave on to benefit from all of the properties described above. I have been using it cold as a refreshing treat. It works great this way too! Just place in the refrigerator and use when needed.

Vita-C Clear Skin Pad $25.00
le mieux vita c clear skin pad
Brighten, refresh and exfoliate skin with this pad. This resurfacing pad has a more effective and stable form of Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) combined with glycolic acid and botanical extracts. Pour the liquid onto the pad then swipe onto the face. Each saturated pad will help to smooth out fine lines, minimize hyperpigmentation and brighten skin for a beautifully natural and youthful-looking complexion. This is great for all skin types.
It doesn’t take long to notice a difference when you have a product that truly works. Use every other day prior to serums for best results. Make sure to apply to face, neck and décolletage.


TGF-β Eye Firming Maskle mieux eye firming mask $12.00

For under-eye use, this cooling eye-mask helps to almost miraculously erase the appearance of expression lines, dark circles and puffiness. It features 3 potent peptides in a sophisticated micro-delivery system that energizes and soothes the eye area. Collagen and elastin production are also stimulated with this amazing eye mask. Use is acceptable for any skin types.
What is so nice about this mask is that you see immediate results. If you have any puffiness, it is gone. Dark circles? Reduced. Expression lines and wrinkles? Also reduced if not eliminated. This helps to take care of the under eye area and it does so in a wonderful way.

TGF-β Booster $65.00

Le mieux TGF-B Booster
Serums are the foundation of a good skincare regimen. A good serum helps to make or break the regimen. All anti-aging regimens should have a good serum as their foundation.
This TGF-β Booster serum from Le Mieux is a preventative and regenerative serum with powerful anti-oxidants, 5 revolutionary proteins and 4 potent peptides. This serum helps to take care of expression lines, dark circles and puffiness. It promotes skin firmness, elasticity, corrects fine lines and wrinkles and restores a healthy glow. The serum also helps to calm, heal and tighten skin. It features a revolutionary growth factor and 85% pharmaceutical grade ingredients to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This serum can be used with the Le Mieux Skin Perfecter (http://bit.ly/1mlrBFa) for best results. It sinks right into the skin and helps to give skin a radiant glow.

I am very happy with the results I have had from the Le Mieux line. I am especially happy with the TGF-β Eye Firming Mask and TGF-β Booster Serum. Using the serum with the Skin Perfecter has helped make my skin glow like crazy too. It has never looked so good. See my review here for the Skin Perfecter:
Order Le Mieux Skincare from www.myskincarebox.com. Like Le Mieux on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeMieuxSkincare; Follow Le Mieux Skincare on Twitter: @LeMieuxSkincare; Follow Le Mieux on Instagram: http://instagram.com/lemieuxcosmetics#; Follow Le Mieux on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lemieuxskincare/ and Subscribe to Le Mieux on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lemieuxcosmetics.

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 Marie Papachatzis

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