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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Are You Ready to Break Out the Bikini? #ThermiRF

Are You Ready to Break Out the Bikini?
A New Pain Free, One Time Option to Get Slim This Summer
ThermiRFFrom East to West coast, women are using the latest treatment to combat sagging skin, cellulite and signs of aging.   ThermiRF is the first FDA approved aesthetic technology that applies the science of heat, using temperature as a clinical endpoint. This enables plastic surgeons and aesthetics physicians to dually monitor tissue temperature, both internal and external, to precisely heat soft tissue and nerves to achieve desired outcomes to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. ThermiRF is a one time, pain-free treatment and requires little to no downtime.
Leading NYC-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Elan Singer’s high-profile patients are relying on pain-free ThermiRF treatments for head to toe makeovers. “Previous RF devices required multiple treatments and offered unpredictable results because they applied heat to the surface of the skin,” Dr. Singer explains. “ThermiTight delivers a powerful dose of skin tightening radio frequency waves through a tiny probe that penetrates the dermis and stimulates skin contraction. Patients see results after a single, pain-free treatment and there’s no downtime.”
ThermiRF applications attract patients seeking an “in-between” solution to address their cosmetic issues. There is growing demand from patients who are seeking advanced, anti-aging solutions, which fall in-between non-invasive treatments and major surgery.
RESULTS: Patients benefit from visible immediate results as well as long-term results after only one ThermiRF treatment.
Dr. Elan Singer
Dr. Elan Singer

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