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Review: Michael Todd Organics Wild Berry Exfoliating Peel #TruOrganics

wild_berry_peel-contI’m a big fan of the Michael Todd True Organics line. This line leads the way as some of the best organic skin care I have ever had the pleasure of using. What is so unique about their products is that they do not have any water as the base of their products, instead using aloe vera juice as the base. Aloe vera juice is known to be a great anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral ingredient. Also, there is not any alcohol in the products to dry out or irritate the skin. The line has as much as 95% organic ingredients. Michael Todd True Organics products do not have any parabens, triclosan, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial color or synthetic fragrance, nor do they do any animal testing. All of the products are tested on the founder, Lewis Hendler who also founded SCUNCI International, the well known hair accessories brand! Please see my review of some of the other Michael Todd True Organics products at

Today I am going to discuss the Wild Berry Exfoliating Peel. This is a great skin peel for those who want to help diminish fine lines, surface wrinkles, it improves skin texture and tone, unclogs pores and generally improves the skin’s condition. The peel contains a powerful blend of alpha hydroxy acids, a beta hydroxy acid and fruit enzymes such as: wild blueberry, strawberry, grape and raspberry, that combine for a superior exfoliation. This peel penetrates the top layers of the skin to loosen dead skin cells, revealing younger looking skin underneath. The enzymes unclog pores and the alpha hydroxy acids help to lighten hyperpigmentation. It also contains several fruit extracts and aloe to oxygenate and detoxify the skin for an added anti-oxidant and antibacterial benefit. Wild Berry Exfoliating Peel is great for all skin types except sensitive skins. It is a very powerful treatment and those with sensitive skins would find this treatment irritating to their skin. Michael Todd True Organics guarantees that you will see a difference after the first use of this product.

I was surprised at how strong this peel was! This product is not for the faint of heart. It is comparable to a professional strength peel product. I would say that this is similar to a 10-15% glycolic acid peel. The recommendations are to leave it on for at least 10 minutes. The whole time I had it on I could feel it working and believe me, I could not wait to get it off! I do not have sensitive skin in the least but I found this peel to be very strong. I use strong acids on my skin, professional strength products and this is definitely a product I would recommend if you need something to work on fine lines, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, acne, etc. In fact, I think this would be great for acneic skin. And especially those with hyperpigmentation. If you have sensitive skin do not use this, it could be extremely irritating for your skin. It would burn your skin right off I think! I really like this product and I think it is one of the more potent products in the Michael Todd True Organics arsenal of products. Also make sure to wear a sunscreen after using this product, as it will increase your sensitivity to the sun.

Wild Berry Exfoliating Peel comes in a 100ml / 3.4 oz. bottle and retails for $34.00. It is available from Like Michael Todd True Organics on Facebook:; Follow Michael Todd True Organics on Twitter: @MichaelToddSkin; Subscribe to Michael Todd True Organics on YouTube:; Follow Michael Todd True Organics on Instagram: and Follow Michael Todd True Organics on Pinterest:

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