Review: Mia Beauty Flashion Flowers Headband With Lights #MiaBeauty

Mia Beauty orange roses with lights
Mia Beauty is at the forefront of hair fashions. Right now what is really hot are the floral headbands. Women are wearing them to music festivals, concerts and clubs. They are also wearing them to weddings, in weddings and anywhere that some extra femininity is desired. The headbands are not just for summer but are great all year long. 

These headbands can also contains lights so that at these nighttime shows can be turned on and will pop! Below my 13 year old daughter has on an orange rose headband with white flowers  and lights. In the first three photos she is wearing the headband with the lights off but in the second set of photos you can see her with the lights on. It is a little bit harder to see the lights but they are visible. She likes to wear the headband to school dances.

Flashion Flowers™ - Large Orange Roses with Orange Lights $29.99



Flashion Flowers Headband with Lights On: 



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