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Friday, November 7, 2014

BIONOVA Skincare: Eye Area Care in Winter #Bionova

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Winter can be cruel for the skin, especially for the sensitive eye area. Drastic temperature swings add additional pressure on the skin in order to keep homeostasis of the organism. The negative impact of winter makes eyes look older. The carried out study in New York, found that 82% of women have dark circles and puffy eyes in winter as opposed to 38% in summer.
Science in Action
In the past, there was no physiological approach for treating puffy eyes and dark circles. It has changed with BIONOVA's arrival. The knowledge of human physiology and biochemistry helped BIONOVA's scientists to find a solution to increase adaptation mechanisms of skin to the extreme weather condition and thereafter, help prevent and treat Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles. The proprietary technologies allowed to contrive special NANO-COMPLEXES™ that contain specific,
natural to the body ingredients that help increase Self-Healing processes in the sensitive Eye Area. This novel treatment approach brings the results never possible before. 

Power of CustomizationBIONOVA recognizes three eye area conditions: Aging, Puffiness, and Dark Circles

Each BIONOVA eye product contains around 200-300 ingredients. Each condition has a different solution depending on age. Mom's have a different formula for the same condition vs. daughters.

The menu of eye products comes in two product lines: IMPACT™ and N1-CUSTOM™.
IMPACT™, the ready-to-use line gives a solution based on age group.
N1- Custom line allows creating own formula after completing the doctor's design questionnaire. 

The product, based on this formula, is made on the same day and shipped the next day. 

Regardless the product line, BIONOVA recommends rotating targeted products (Puffiness/Dark Circles) with Eye Wrinkle: targeted products at night and plain Eye Wrinkle in the morning.
Available at Barneys NY store, www.barneys.com, www.bionovalab.com and www.bionovalab.uk.com
Available Topic Expert: For information on the listed expert, click appropriate link.
Dr. Michael Danielovhttp://www.profnetconnect.com/bionovalab.com
RELATED LINKShttp://www.bionovalab.com

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