Precious Cosmetics UK Launches New Elegance Line - Organic Handmade Skincare Products #PreciousCosmetics

PRECIOUS COSMETICS UK, a unique small business producing fresh, handmade skincare products with organic and natural ingredients, is proud to announce the launch of its new Elegance range. The new range offers skincare without preservatives and synthetic ingredients, with a reassuringly short product life: about 6 months on their Elegance - Aloe Vera Organic Face Day Cream and Elegance - Night Cream Jojoba&Hemp Oil Organic Face Cream.
The Elegance range complements Precious Cosmetics' other natural and fresh exfoliators, made with edible ingredients like Jojoba Rice Organic Scrub, Freshly Grounded Almonds Fine Face Scrub or Manuka Honey 10+ Sugar Scrub, all waterless and natural.
Precious Cosmetics is dedicated to creating new natural and organic products. Our web-shop is always open at and we deliver to local shops.
"Most Natural, Organic and Freshly Handmade Skincare. Try Natural!"