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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review: Aveeno Fresh Essentials Skincare #Aveeno #FreshEssentials

aveeno fresh essentials

The Aveeno Fresh Essentials line (called Smart Essentials in the United States) is a line that protects skin from aging and is perfect for women who would like to prevent aging but have not really begun to have the signs of aging skin themselves. The line consists of three products: Daily Exfoliating Scrub, Daily Nourishing Moisturizer and Hydrating Night Cream. Aveeno harnesses the power of ACTIVE NATURALS, technology that combines the best of nature and science. The Fresh Essentials line helps to combat the environmental aggressors that stress skin and lead to aging. From poor die, sun exposure, to lack of sleep, all of these affect skin leading to a lack of nourishment and lack of hydration. This can lead to skin that looks dehydrated and dull. Aveeno Fresh Essentials has Southernwood Extract, Vitamins A,C and E that help to bring replenish and retain moisture, help skin look radiant and rejuvenated. In a clinical study, 100% of women should improvement in their skin when they used the Fresh Essentials line. 

Fresh Essentials Daily Exfoliating Scrub 145 mL tube $9.97-$12.99 CAD
aveeno fresh essentials daily exfoliating scrub
This deep facial scrub is perfect to get rid of dull, dead, uneven skin and debris that makes you feel as if your skin is tired and dull. It has natural luffa and coconut pulp to gently removes dirt, debris and makeup from the skin and pores. With ACTIVE NATURALS Southernwood extract, the scrub also helps to lock in what is great for your skin and lock out what is not so good for your skin. What is left is skin that looks and feels smoother, softer, brighter, polished and more balanced that prior to washing. 

I love this scrub because it is so gentle yet so effective at getting rid of extraneous dead skin, leaving my skin feeling so soft and polished. Impurities that clog pores are washed away, skin is left feeling amazing. 

Fresh Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 30 74 mL bottle $16.97-$19.99 CADaveeno fresh essentials daily moisturizer
This moisturizer helps keep skin hydrated all day long with the added benefit of an SPF 30, which is essential to keep skin looking younger without the effects of sun damage and protects skin from environmental stressors that dry skin out. It has a very lightweight formula with anti-oxidants and it is enriched with Vitamins A, C and E to fortify the skin. Softens and soothes the skin with conditioning emollients. This moisturizer is oil-free and it nourishes and protects the skin. ACTIVE NATURALS Southernwood extract helps to create a natural barrier that locks in what is good for the skin while keeping out what is not good for it. 97% of women who tried this moisturizer felt that they showed an improvement in stressed skin in as little as 2 weeks. This lotion is oil-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

I love that it is lightweight, has an SPF 30 (homosalate 12%, octisalate 5%, avobenzone 3%, oxybenzone 3% and octocrylene 1.7%) because I firmly believe that everyone should wear an SPF 30 or higher every day whether there is sun or not, no matter what season it is. Sun protection is essential in fighting the signs of aging skin. It is the first line of defense to help keep skin looking younger longer. Aveeno’s Fresh Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer is a great product to help keep skin moisturized and to help keep fight the UVA/UVB rays of the sun. It sinks right into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. Skin does not feel oily but nice. I have been wearing this for over a month and I like the way it feels under my foundation.

Fresh Essentials Hydrating Night Cream 49mL jar $16.97-$19.99 CAD
aveeno fresh essentials hydrating night cream
For night we need a more intense cream that helps prevent and reverse the signs of aging skin. The Fresh Essentials Hydrating Night Cream helps to reveal fresh-looking skin with its ACTIVE NATURALS Southernwood Extract that replenishes the natural moisture barrier of the skin while you sleep. Hydrated skin is offset by environmental aggressors, while helping to support the natural moisture reserves of the skin during its nightly rebuilding phase, leaving skin soft and smooth. It also helps to keep skin from looking dull and tired. This cream infuses fortifying anti-oxidants and vitamins onto the skin, keeping the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Softer, smoother skin is yours when you wake up. The cream is oil-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

I can honestly say that after using this cream, when I woke up in the morning, my skin was definitely very soft and smooth. It looked great. I am very happy with the cream and how it performed. This cream did its job and did it well. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of a moisturizer for dry, dull and tired skin. 

The Aveeno Fresh Essentials line is available in food, drug and mass merchandise stores in Canada. In the United States the line is called Smart Essentials and is available in food, drug and mass merchandise stores. Like Aveeno Canada on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AveenoCanada; Like Aveeno on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aveeno.

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