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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review: SkinPhD Skincare #SkinPhD #skincare

SkinPhD is a woman owned line that has South African ingredients in its products. It was started by two sisters (Heather Elrod and Holly Harmon) with beauty in their blood. They searched for ingredients that they thought would be great in the line, found them in South Africa, as well as a great research chemist. The formulation for SkinPhD began with the cornerstone that skin care must bridge clinical and natural and that it must be cosmeceutical in composition with high percentages of bio-active ingredients that work at the cellular level. The ingredients in these products are cosmeceutical active ingredients such as natural plant extracts, herbs, semi-precious stones and minerals indigenous to Africa and South Africa. The line was launched in the US in October 2011 and has grown substantially since then. Their mission is to produce and provide excellent products to customers, products that are unique to the market and that customers will find work quite well. 

The line is for skin care professionals (Estheticians) and physicians. It is found in salons and medical spas. I was able to try out a few of the products on my skin for a month or so to see how they performed. As a blogger and Esthetician I am lucky enough to get to try out a good number of products on my skin and I must say that I was VERY happy with this brand. The products performed much better than I had expected and they are excellent products. I was sent products that are a good representation from each of their available lines.

Liposome C & E Serum
skin PhD Liposome C and E Serum
This is an intensive serum that is formulated with a liposome bound Vitamin C, a stable form of Vitamin C enriched with Vitamin E and B6. Use of this serum will reduce rough skin and fine wrinkles all while improving skin’s tone and brightness. Skin is left looking illuminated.
I found this serum to be a very light and nice serum that sinks right into the skin. Use prior to other skincare products every night. This will help brighten skin and help with fine lines and wrinkles.


Superantioxidant Vitamin E & A SerumSkin PhD Superantioxidant Vitamin A and E Serum
This is a very rich serum, that absorbs easily into skin. It provides nourishment and leaves skin feeling velvety smooth and silky soft. Use regularly to visibly improve skin’s overall condition. It will restore a youthful complexion. 

This serum has an interesting textural quality, it is kind of oily to the touch but it goes on smoothly and absorbs into skin easily. The Vitamins that it has help to provide nourishment to the skin and take uneven skin tone and even it out, so that skin is soft and smooth again.

AHA 7 Fruit Amidroxy Exfoliator

Skin PhD AHA 7 Serum This serum is a concentrated special blend of natural fruit acids from red and citrus fruits that gently yet effectively help slough away dead, dull and dry skin cells that naturally occur on the surface of the skin. It leaves skin looking radiant and bright, with an improved color and complexion. All skin types can use this. It was chosen to be the Best Anti-Aging Product by The Dr. Oz Show (www.drozshow.com).

What is so great about this product is that it exfoliates gently yet effectively. There is not a trace of irritation with use of this product. Alpha hydroxy acids are just about my favorite way to help skin look younger. They get rid of old, dead skin to help bring forth younger looking skin that is radiant and more plump looking. 

Pigmentation Control
Skin PhD Pigmentation Control
This cream contains a botanical complex with tyrosinase-inhibiting activity that  is synergistically combined with malachite extract to effectively reduce blemishes, improve radiance and correct unevenness of skin tone. 

Use of this with other products that help with radiance, correcting of skin tone will boost skin clarity and tone immensely. I found that these products are extremely good at getting rid of pigmentation issues. My skin looks almost great, with pigmentation decreased to the point that I feel my skin is looks amazing!

Flawless Day Cream
Skin PhD Flawless Day Cream
This is a very light day cream formulated with semi-precious stone Zincite (Smithsonsite), Acmella, Oleracea Extract, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 and Hexapeptide-10. Use regularly to help improve the appearance of elasticity and firmness, to make it more younger looking and to also give the skin a more radiant glow. 
I like how light this cream is, but it does not have a sunscreen. That is my one pet peeve. I feel that an anti-aging day cream should always have sun protection. I do feel that the other ingredients are great, and I like that it has peptides in it. You can never go wrong there.

Peptide Complex Eye Cream
Skin PhD Peptide Complex Cream
A rich and fragrance-free eye and mouth treatment that includes Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 and Hexapeptide-10. It is formulated for the delicate eye area and can also be used around the mouth area too. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and aging. Regular use will help give the appearance of firmer skin, smoother skin and will leave the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth looking visibly improved.

My eyes are very sensitive and water easily. I like that this is fragrance-free. I also like that this has two peptides in it. It does a great job of of hydrating the eye area and helping to firm up the skin in that delicate area. 

Ultra Rapid Perfecting Gel

Skin PhD Ultra Rapid Perfecting Gel
Another great product for the eye area, this light easily absorbed gel is formulated to address problems commonly experienced around the eyes. It is a special blend of proteins and other extracts that immediately improve the appearance of the skin’s condition where the treatment is applied. Regular use of this product will help to improve the visible signs of of skin’s brightness and tone and to restore a youthful looking appearance.

I like that this product is so light and easily absorbed. It does immediately work and that is one thing I think sets this apart from other products. It also helps to make the eyes look better over time, which is a great thing. It improves the brightness, helping to makes dark circles disappear over time. 

I used all of these products for a month and loved how my skin looked. I must say that my skin never looked better. Using all of these products together made my skin softer, smoother and visibly better looking than it had ever been before. Melanocytes have been banished, so pigmentation was more even and my skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom. Skin is firm and plump, not dry at all. Even my eyes are looking great and those tend to be the first to show signs of aging. Dark circles have decreased and my little fine lines have disappeared. 

before using SkinPhD_facebefore using SkinPhD_cheekbefore using SkinPhD

(above: skin prior to using SkinPhD. I have some pigmentation issues)

after SkinPhD_faceafter SkinPhD cheekafter SkinPhD_lips

(above: Skin after using SkinPhD, pigmentation is much better. Softness if amazing, although that is not something that can be seen.)

As you can see, I think SkinPhD is a great line. Their products are designed with results in mind. I am so happy I was able to try out these products and bring this review to you. If you are able to find a spa or medical office with Skin PhD products near you, please try them out. I guarantee that you will like them. Like Skin PhD on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkinPhD and Follow Skin PhD on Twitter: @skinphd.

Until Next time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

(These items were sent for consideration)

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