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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

EssentielleBeauty Launches Online Beauty Shop Featuring Quality Korean and Other Global Brands #EssentielleBeauty #KoreanBeauty

EssentielleBeauty has launched an online retail store specializing in branded and artisan beauty products from South Korea, expanding quickly to other global brands. 
The worldwide cosmetics industry is about $300 billion annually, with skincare comprising the largest sector at just over 30%.  "Beauty products make people look and feel better, while being a more affordable luxury," says EssentielleBeauty founder, Megan Lisa Jones.  Increasingly, the industry is globalizing as demand for foreign brands continues to grow. 
Products are offered individually or in curated beauty boxes.
EssentielleBeauty curates a mix of color-based makeup and skincare.  Megan chooses then tests the items after visiting beauty brands in their home market, perusing local shops and sampling numerous offerings.  
Organic, natural and holistic ingredients or innovative advances favored.
Brands can range from internationally recognized ones to younger and scrappier companies with demonstrated traction in local or regional markets.  A selection of artisan brands from the volcanic Jeju Island region are part of the initial EssentielleBeauty offering and draw from local herbs, flowers and oils. 
Quality is a constant among all products offered, regardless of price.
The site grew out of Megan's experience in the Online Draper University program, venture capitalist Tim Draper's school for entrepreneurship.  Jones began building a YouTube beauty channel which targets women who sometimes feel neglected by the niche beauty markets those over 30.  She also wants to make international beauty products more readily available across markets.  "Media has flattened access to information yet the products discussed online can still be difficult to purchase," says Jones. 
EssentielleBeauty will also be introducing its own proprietary lipstick and facial oil lines later in 2015. EssentielleBeauty offers the best beauty products from across the globe, one person at a time. 
See our product offerings and brands at: www.EssentielleBeauty.com
About EssentielleBeauty 
EssentielleBeauty is an online beauty product retailer that specializes in quality branded and artisan cosmetics and skincare produced globally.  We advocate beauty as ritual, believing that each individual should be encouraged to enhance their own inner and outer beauty, not cover it up. 
About Megan Lisa Jones
Megan Lisa Jones is a former investment banker, lawyer, startup advisor and author.  Megan's YouTube channel is at www.youtube.com/user/meganlisa.  
SOURCE EssentielleBeauty

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