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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review: CLEANSE by Lauren Napier #CLEANSE #LaurenNapier

(photo courtesy of www.laurennapier.com)
cleanse by Lauren Napier
CLEANSE by Lauren Napier is an elegant set of facial cleansing wipes that remove makeup, dirt, pollution, oil and stubborn debris from the skin’s surface without stripping it of its natural moisture barrier. The wipes contain water, aloe, chamomile, marshmallow and cucumber extracts to hydrate and smooth the skin’s appearance while reducing redness and inflammation. They also contain anti-oxidant Vitamin E and oat kernel extract to soothe the skin. These wipes are packages to fit into pockets, an evening purse or a gym bag. Take them on vacation, take them anywhere you go. These wipes are perfect for any time you need to cleanse your skin. Remove makeup with ease or just refresh your skin as needed. CLEANSE by Lauren Napier is made in the United States using sustainable technologies and renewable energies. 

Celebrity makeup artist Lauren Napier came upon the idea for these wipes after a harrowing experience traveling one day. She needed a solution that would get rid of the bulky makeup wipes that always dry out before you get halfway through with them. What she came up with were individually wrapped makeup wipes, but wipes that were also made with soothing ingredients to treat the skin nicely. This way the skin gets some benefits from the actual wipes! One interesting thing about these wipes is that they are made in a female owned facility that uses solar technology.

I have tried the wipes and have found them to not only take off makeup rather well but they left my skin feeling fresh. The wipes themselves were just moist enough. Not too wet nor too dry, I found that one could take off all of my makeup including my eye makeup. When done all of it was gone and my skin was completely clean and ready for treatment products, no need for a toner. That is definitely a plus! Also, my skin felt nice, no residue from the wipe. Nor was there any leftover foundation on my face and not any leftover eye makeup.
CLEANSE by Lauren Napier wipes come in a set of 12 wipes per box for $10.00 (The Luxe Box set); 3 wipes for $6.00 (The Chic Mini set) and 50 wipes for $25.00 (Abundance set). Purchase on www.laurennapier.com or check availability here: http://www.laurennapier.com/in-stores/. Follow CLEANSE by Lauren Napier on Twitter: @LaurenNapier and Follow CLEANSE by Lauren Napier on Instagram: https://instagram.com/laurennapier/.

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