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Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Noer Organics Luxury Skincare #NoerOrganics #Skincare

(photos courtesy of www.noerorganics.com)
Noer Organics is a luxury organic skincare line that uses only the best plants/botanicals in their products. They believe in wildcrafting of plants the sustainable harvesting of plants from their natural or wild habitat. Their products contain only the highest quality ingredients and they cater to individuals who want only the best products on the market. Noer Organics products are infused with precious gemstones, such as Rose Quartz (stone of love). I was extremely lucky enough to try out three of their products recently and I am happy to report on them. Read on to see what my thoughts are…

Clean Embrace Polishing Powder 3.3 oz./100 mL $73.99
Noer Organics Clean Embrace Polishing Powder
Usually physical exfoliants are very grainy and too harsh on the skin. Not so with the Noer Organics Clean Embrace Polishing Powder. This is just about the one of the smoothest, finest exfoliants I have ever seen. It contains 30 different ingredients, including cinnamon, rice bran, Australian pink clay, white kaolin clay, raw cacao, oats and baking soda to help rid the skin of pore clogging dead skin cells and sebum. It leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth afterwards. 

This is definitely the best “scrub” I have had the pleasure of using. Noer Organics describes using this as being akin to the mythical Phoenix, with skin being reborn from the ashes. Skin feels like velvet and you will want to use this everyday. And you can because it is that gentle. I would recommend this for any skin type, even acneic skins. So, if you want a luxurious glow to your skin, this is your answer. Follow with The Masquerade Purifying Mask once or twice a week depending on skin type. 

The Masquerade Purifying Mask 3.3 fl.oz./100 mL $96.19
Noer Organics The Masquerade Purifying Mask
Masks are essential to help keep skin looking and feeling good. They clean up skin, drawing out impurities from the pores, moisturizing and leaving skin glowing. This mask, The Masquerade Purifying Mask, is a wonderful mask. It is made with different clays (Australian midnight black clay, Rhassoul clay, Australian ivory clay, French pink clay and kaolin pink clay) and things like buttermilk and mung beans. There are 40 different ingredients in this mask. It even has activated charcoal, which really draws out impurities from the pores. 

After using it, skin feels invigorated, clean, soft and “born again” renewed. This is also for all skin types, and can be used once or twice a week depending on skin type. For dry skins, once a week is good. For oily or acneic skins, I would recommend twice a week. It comes in a powder form, all you have to do is mix it with water and apply to your face. Wait until it is completely dry then wash off with warm water. Follow with The Nourishment Facial Elixir or The Renewal Facial Elixir depending on skin concern.

The Nourishment Facial Elixir 0.85 fl.oz./25 mL $214.57
Noer Organics the Nourshment Facial Elixir
Serums are an essential part of the skincare routine. They are the main treatment part of the routine, doing things like adding essential moisture and alpha hydroxy acids to help exfoliate the skin. The Nourishment Facial Elixir is a velvety serum that contains Rose Quartz and is a hydrating “cocktail” with very high concentrations of botanical actives. It contains over 30 exotic ingredients that will care for the skin, enhancing it and nourishing it. Think of it as a skin food, leaving it soft and illuminated. It contains many vitamins, anti-oxidants, floral extracts and rare oils. Some examples of this are: plum kernel oil, tamanu oil, pomegranate oil, broccoli seed oil, Barbary fig oil, blackcurrant oil, saffron, and lactobacillus/salix alba bark ferment filtrate to name just a few. 

When you use this oil you definitely feel that your skin is in the hands of a luxurious serum. It goes on the skin and sinks in, leaving skin feeling so soft and smooth. I tried a small vial of this and was not able to use it for a very long time, just a couple of weeks. But I do feel that this serum is probably the most luxurious serum I have ever used. The ingredients in it are very expensive and are ones that do hydrate the skin very well. Skin feels very soft and glows. It is recommended that it be worn under makeup (just a very tiny drop is needed for this). Also, use this on the neck and décolleté too, since they are an extension of the face for skincare purposes. At night, use a few drops to make sure and apply enough for the entire face, neck and décolleté. I would recommend this for normal, dry and oily skins but not acneic skins. Oilier skins should avoid the T-Zone with this. If there are breakouts I would not use this serum. 

Noer Organics is a beautiful line. They have more products, a cleansing balm, moisturizers and even an Elixir that is available by invitation only. This one is very exclusive and is made in small batches every year. Once it is gone, it is gone for the entire year. Noer Organics is based in the United Kingdom but they do ship to the United States, around Europe and the United Arab Emirates. When you go to the site you can get the prices of the products in those respective currencies. 

Noer Organics is available from www.noerorganics.com. Like Noer Organics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoerOrganics; Follow Noer Organics on Twitter: NoerOrganics; Follow Noer Organics on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/noerorganics/; Follow Noer Organics on Instagram: https://instagram.com/noerorganicsatelier/ and Follow Noer Organics on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Noerorganics/posts

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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