Lemon & Peppermint & Lavender Essential Oils Review

essential oil review

I am supposed to write about Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils. I only received the Lavender and Peppermint oils to review. I actually have the Lemon from another review so I can discuss it, I just did not receive it from this company.

Lemon Essential Oil is great for its uplifting scent that helps you feel exhilarated. It has purifying and astringent properties. It cleanses and tones the skin while also providing a boost of Vitamin C anti-oxidant benefits. It is cold pressed from the rinds of the Lemon. Lemon is good in skincare, just a small drop in your moisturizer help oily skins. The Lemon oil is $19.97 from Amazon.com

Peppermint Essential Oil is a multi-purpose oil that cools, energizes and refreshes the body and mind. It helps to improve the skin (very little is needed) and it is good for aromatherapy, tummy aches and more. It is steam distilled to extract the oil form the dried or fresh leaves. You have to be careful and not get this in the eyes. This oil is good for use as a digestive aid. $19.97 from Amazon.com

Lavender Essential Oil rejuvenates the body, mind and has a fresh floral scent. It is steam distilled extracted from the oil glands of the plant. It helps you sleep, calms the mind and is great for relaxation. It is often made into soap, body care and aromatherapy products. I use it with Coconut oil to make a nice massage oil for myself and my husband. $19.97 from Amazon.com

All oils come in 4 oz. bottles.