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Friday, June 26, 2015

Review: Inner Sanctuary Vitamin D3 5000IU Capsules

inner santuary vitamin d capsules

Most Americans suffer from Vitamin D insuffiency. This means that we do not get enough sunlight, where Vitamin D is made and absorbed into our bodies. So, we have to take supplements. It is recommended that we get at least 5000IU per day. I have been taking this amount with the Inner Sanctuary capsules and my mood has been better, since Vitamin D effects the mood. It also helps calcium absorb into the bones. It is an essential nutrient that is needed and a good thing to take daily.

This supplement is: 5,000IU The perfect dose to raise your Vit D levels. It’s not too high to cause overdose. It is 100% Vegetarian, animal-free and gluten-free capsules – Safe for Vegetarians, Vegans, Halal, Kosher. Only Premium Grade Vitamin D3 – The natural form of Vitamin D made in your body. Made ONLY in GMP Facilities. All active ingredients are of USP grade and Non-GMO and are tested for identity, purity, and/or strength/Composition, and microbial, and heavy metal presence before they are included in the formula – get 100% what you paid for. NO hidden fillers, impurities or additives.

Did you know?

• Vitamin D is known to be essential for a healthy mind and body.
• Vitamin D Deficiency is linked to 44 different diseases including Obesity, 17 Different Types of Cancer, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Depression, Diabetes, Acne, Asthma, Immune System Compromise, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Chronic Pain and Autism. (full list: www.vitamindcouncil.org/health-conditions)
•According to Scientific American 3 out of 4 US teens and adults suffer from Vitamin D deficiency – This means either you or your loved ones are at risk of the consequences!
•Salt Lake City Heart Institute revealed a that Study of 28,000 people in the US finds that patients with low Vitamin D levels are 77% more likely to die vs people with normal Vitamin D levels.
•According to a study published on PubMed- Due to the lack of vitamin D-containing foods, Vitamin D supplements are often necessary to achieve adequate intake.

It is sold on Amazon for $11.74 : http://amzn.to/1LzKfJk


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