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Friday, June 26, 2015

Review: Nair Hair Removal Products With Moroccan Argan Oil #Nail #MoroccanArganOil #NairHairRemoval

Hair removal in summer is a must. No matter how you do it, you want your hair removal process to be relatively pain free, long-lasting and hard working so that hair is gone, skin is left smooth and you are not left with red welts that lead to in-grown hairs. Am I right? Nair has always been a leader in hair removal. For years they have had led the way in hair removal that has been pain-free with long-lasting results that leaves skin with a smooth finish. They have some new products on the market with Moroccan Argan Oil in them that help to cement their lead in hair removal process. Nair has always been and still is is the #1 hair removal brand. 

Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Glides Away for Bikini, Arms and Underarms
Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Glides AwayThis is a long-lasting hair remover that is great for hard-to-reach places. Its unique application method offers an easy, touch-free way to remove hair (even in hard-to-reach areas). It is infused with restorative 100% natural Moroccan Argan Oil for beautifully smooth results. What is so great is its effectiveness on even coarse hair. It is easy to use, with a touch-free application. The formula is moisturizing. Results last days longer than shaving.

Glides Away for Bikini, Arms and Underarms is best used on bikini, arms and underarms. It is a hair depilatory. These are products that dissolve the hair where it meets the skin, so that when it grows back it will not feel stubbly, but soft instead (unlike shaving, which cuts the hair at the skin, causing it to feel rough when it grows back). Use on clean dry skin. It is recommended that it be used for at least 3-5 minutes but no more than 10 minutes. The chemical that is used in this product can cause skin burns. Be careful and check the hair at 3 minutes and then recheck at another 2 minutes. DO NOT leave on for more than 10 minutes. 

I found this product to be great at getting rid of unwanted coarse hair. It was made for that very purpose. I used it on the bikini area and found that it worked great. The hair was gone in 8 minutes. I used it, left it on for 5 minutes, checked and then left it on for 3 more. Hair in that area is more coarse than any other and thus needs more prodding than usual. After that amount of time I rinsed off and voila! No more hair. Silky smooth skin was the only thing left behind. I do find that this formula is more moisturizing than any other I have tried before. Usually skin in this area ends up being itchy and rough. Not this time though. I like this and will definitely use it again. 



Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Ultimate Roll-On Wax for Face 

Nair Ultimate Roll-On Wax for Face

This product is infused with restorative, 100% natural Moroccan Argan Oil. It is a breakthrough wax technology that works on even the shortest of hair. It also washed clean with water and provides long-lasting results. These results last for up to 8 weeks!!! It provides the smoothest skin, because it works on the shortest of facial hair. It has a precision, roll-on applicator. This product is a no-mess product. It is a salon strength product. Very important: DO NOT use Retin-A within a week of waxing hair. This can cause more skin to come off and can leave skin stripped, causing scabbing to occur. Follow the directions that come with the kit.


Ultimate Roll-On Wax for Face is ready in just 3 minutes after placing in hot water. The applicator allows for precise, even application. The kit includes 20 reusable cloth strips and a precision stick.

I like this and think that for a kit you get in the drug store it rocks. It does work on the shortest of facial hair. I tried it on my upper lip. The hair was shorter than usual, as I had not waited for it to grow back from when I had tried another Nair product. 

To use, make sure the area to be waxed it clean and dry. Apply isopropyl alcohol to the area first to clean oils off the area to be waxed. I warmed up the wax (in boiling water as stated in the instructions), applied it with the roll on in the direction of the hair growth (this is extremely important and then used a strip to cover the wax. The strips are long and thin but can be cut to size if need be. I think they are good size for an upper lip waxing. I do however prefer to have them a little bit smaller just for precision. They would also be good for chin and if you want to do your eyebrows then they definitely need to be cut smaller. 

After you apply the wax you need to apply the strip. Press down firmly on the strip and follow the grain of the hair growth. Then, hold the skin taut with one hand and pull the strip with the other. It is important to pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth. So basically in the opposite direction of the way you applied the wax. Immediately apply pressure to the area to stop pain. When pulling the strip up, pull at a 45 degree angle to get the hair to come off. Since this is wax, you cannot go over the area more than once. It can strip the skin and cause scabbing. Any hair left can be tweezed if it is long enough or you can use a Nair depilatory if necessary. Nothing too harsh on the skin though. This wax can be washed off with soap and water. 

Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Precision Kit for Face & Upper Lip
Nair Precision Kit for Face and Upper Lip with Moroccan Argan Oil
Precision Kit for Face & Upper Lip is a unique, 2-Step kit that offers an easy and precise way to remove hair from the face and upper lip. It also has a gentle moisturizer to soothe and rebalance skin after the hair removal treatment. It is infused with 100% Moroccan Argan Oil for beautifully smooth, touchable skin. It comes with a contoured, precision tip applicator. The results are very thorough and it is a pain-free method to remove hair. It works similarly to the Glide Away method in that this is a depilatory, so it dissolves hair. It works even on coarse hair.
The best way to use this is to use on clean, dry skin. Apply to skin and leave on for 3-5 minutes. Apply a thick layer to skin. Do not rub in. After 5 minutes check and see if hair is removed. If hair has not come off, leave on for a few more minutes but do not leave on for more than 10 minutes. DO NOT leave on for more than 10 minutes. This is essential as it can cause chemical burns on the skin. Rinse off, dry skin and then use the second tube to moisturize skin. Do not use any AHA’s or BHA’s on skin for at least 1 day so skin has time to heal from this treatment. 

I have found this these products work very well. All of them do their jobs, and go above what they say they will do. Also, they remove hair without any hassle whatsoever. I love how easy it is to get ready for summer with these Nair hair removal products! If you want smooth, hair free skin, then these are great options for you! Nair has done it again. Bravo!!!!!

Nair products are available from Target, Wal-Mart, amazon.com, and Harmon. The prices vary depending on the place, but I have seen them from $5.21 to $8.99. (*Right now there is a coupon available online for $3.00 off of two Nair products.) Like Nair on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NairHairRemover and Subscribe to Nair on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NairHairRemover

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

(These items were sent to me for consideration)




  1. Am going to get this for my face asap! I have been using the old Nair for my face and although it has worked am anxious to try the new one. Thanks for the post!

    1. Sherry, I'm glad to hear that you liked it! I was very happy with the new products!

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