Review: Mariposa Aesthetics Soft Foot Treatment #softfoot

mariposa aesthetics

This is the second time I have done a foot treatment like this. I have done the original Baby Foot Treatment and now the Mariposa Aesthetics Soft Foot Treatment. Let me say this. I am very happy with the results of this treatment. I applied it as it said, waited a few days and the skin just came peeling off in sheets. Then I applied the moisturizing treatment (which does not come in the Baby Foot box) and my feet are amazingly soft. You even get a second moisturizing treatment in the box!!!!!

The treatment is as follows: open the foot treatment and cut at the top, I have very large feet so they did not fit me as well as they would fit most. I wore them for an hour and a half but it says to wear the for at least an hour. Wear socks over the treatment so keep them from slipping off. Then wait a few days and you will notice that your feet start to peel. A lot. In sheets even. That is good. The peeling lasts a good week. After that apply the moisturizing treatment a few days later. Wait 30-45 minutes and then massage in the rest of the moisturizer on the feet. You can use the second moisturizing treatment in another week or two. I like this better than the Baby Foot Treatment. It’s main ingredients are Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Malic Acid, Papain, and Citric Acid.

This treatment is on for $19.95: