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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Introducing Holly Stevens Cosmetics!

StevenHutchinson-Holly Stevens


Introducing Holly Stevens Cosmetics – the brand new deluxe make-up collection dreamt up by an aerospace engineer turned cosmetic expert.

Steven Hutchinson, the founder of Holly Stevens Cosmetics, initially worked as a full-time project manager for the aerospace industry, with days filled with meetings, spreadsheets and political battles. Little did Steven’s colleagues know, Steven had an alter-ego, a different side to his personality – Holly. Glamorous, confident and empowered, Holly has been a part of Steven’s life since he was six years old – and now Steven is harnessing Holly’s love of make-up alongside his own entrepreneurial spirit to launch a stunning new cosmetic collection.

Steven says, “I’m thrilled to be launching Holly Stevens Cosmetics, and so proud to be putting my names – both of them! – to a beauty product of this high standard. Holly is very much a part of my life, and after many years of struggling with my identity I’m now living my life exactly as I always wanted.”

He adds, “I have always loved make-up, and spending time as Holly has helped me to learn a great deal. I started out buying cheap make-up and applying it badly, but spending time with people in the trans community helped to enhance my skills, and soon I was working as a part-time make-up artist alongside my job in aerospace. Now, I’m ecstatic to be launching my own make-up line, pouring every element of my personality into something I am truly passionate about.”

The cosmetics collection has something for everyone, with many products formulated with certain hair colours and skin tones in mind. There are vibrant pink lipsticks that look fabulous on blondes, there are rich brown eyeshadow palettes which accentuate any brunette’s best features, and professional contouring kits for all skin and hair types. Beautifully presented in stylish packaging, and with plenty of pigment to see the wearer from day through to night, the entire collection was created with the Holly Stevens ethos in mind: we don’t create beauty; we bring it out.

To coincide with the launch of Holly Stevens Cosmetics, the team have also created an inspirational video which talks about hiding behind masks and unleashing your true self – something Steven understood very well from the years when he thought had to hide Holly from those who cared about him. Holly Stevens Cosmetics aims to empower people of all backgrounds, genders and identities, giving them the confidence to live their lives as they wish, without fear of judgement.

For more information about Steven, Holly or the cosmetics brand itself, visit the website: http://www.hollystevenscosmetics.com


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