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Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: ClariSEA Skincare #clariSEA #activatedcharcoal #seasalt

(product photos courtesy of www.clarisea.com)

clariSEA is the result of one woman’s search for the perfect acne treatment. The founder of clariSEA, Alison, suffered severe acne and could not find relief from any product until she went to the beach. When she started soaking her skin in sea salt her acne started to disappear and she finally had some relief. So she started a skincare line based on sea salt and activated charcoal, which has been shown to help relieve acne lesions by absorbing sebum, killing bacteria and exfoliating dead skin cells. All of those things are the root causes of acne blemishes. By getting rid of them you in fact get rid of the acne lesions.
I was sent a few products to try out as I still to this day at the age of 44, suffer from some acne lesions! Ugh! Yes, once in a while I will break out in horrid cystic pimple, a papule or even a pustule. Luckily my blackhead days are long gone. My skin is not really producing sebum as much anymore. I have adult acne problems which tend to be hormonal and also seasonal. Often women will get acne when the seasons change, as their skin adjusts to the new season and the temperature changes. 

I tried out the following products: Sea Salt Solutions Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant, Sea Salt Solutions De-Blemish Spot Treatment and Sea Salt Solutions Mattifying Healing Dust. Below is my review of the three products that I tried. 

Sea Salt Solutions Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant 5 oz./141 g $18.00

If you are in need of something to help get rid of dead skin cells, oil and something great to help clear up your pores, then look no further. This all natural exfoliant vacuums up impurities in the skin with naturally detoxifying ingredients. Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder immediately absorbs oil and gets dirt and impurities out of the way so that blackheads can be eliminated. Almond flour brightens the skin while powdered Pacific Ocean and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt exfoliates and clarifies the skin. It can be used alone or added into your cleanser. Just blend with water to create an instant pore clearing scrub. 

I found that this is a great scrub. It is not too abrasive but is just abrasive enough that it will help to get rid of all the extraneous dead skin, impurities and excess sebum that is clogging up the pores, causing blackheads and whiteheads. Acne lesions can and will be avoided after using this as it will help to really clear out the gunk from the pores. Activated charcoal acts like a magnet for debris in the hair follicle (pore), thus it clears it up quite easily.
Sea Salt Solutions De-Blemish Spot Treatment 1 oz./30 mL $14.00

If you have active lesions on your face and body, this spot treatment can help heal them. It is an all natural powder that helps clear up pimples and tough to treat breakouts. Clarifying sea salt brew is blended with clay base and salicylic acid and sulfur to help heal and reduce inflammation. Just add water to activate.
I had one nasty lesion on my jawline. Which was a first for me. I used this spot treatment on it and the lesion was better (gone) in two days. The salicylic acid acts as an anti-bacterial, just as the sea salt does. The clay and sulfur helps to heal the area.
Sea Salt Solutions Mattifying Healing Dust 0.5 oz./14 g $14.00

If you have oily skin and need to tamp down some of that oil as well as heal some blemishes, then this product is for you. It is a soothing mix of kaolin, light reflecting mica, clarifying sea salt and nourishing minerals to help heal skin and control any excess sebum production. Wear alone or under makeup.
My skin is not really oily, so this product does not really apply to me but I did try it out. It does help heal with the kaolin and clarifying sea salt mixture. It also has salicylic acid in it to help heal blemishes. The mica in it will reflect light away from the face, causing the face to appear more beautiful and blemishes to disappear.

So, these are the products I tried. There are a good number of products in the clariSEA line. I really like the ones I tried. They really do work quite well. Activated charcoal and sea salt does help to fight off acne lesions by absorbing oil, dirt, bacteria and getting rid of dead skin cells that cause acne lesions.
clariSEA can be found online at www.clarisea.com. Like clariSEA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Clarisea/102699827978; Follow clariSEA on Twitter: @CLARISEA; Follow clariSEA on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/clarisea_seasaltsolutions/ and Follow clariSEA on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/clarisea123/.

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  1. a papule or even a pustule. Luckily my blackhead days are long gone. My skin is not really producing sebum as much anymore. activated coconut charcoal


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