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Friday, February 12, 2016

tarte cosmetics Partners with ByStander Revolution to Help Stop Cyber-bullying #kissandmakeup

tarte cosmetics has partnered with anti-bullying organization ByStander Revolution, (http://www.bystanderrevolution.org/) in an effort to help stop cyber-bullying with #kissandmakeup.

Instead of focusing on hateful and negative comments, they want to spread kind messages throughout the social community and focus on the positive. Tarte's kicking off this social awareness initiative in conjunction with ByStander Revolution on Thursday, February 11, with various social influencers on Instagram.

"Cyber-bullying is all too common on social media. 88% of teens witness cyberbullying every day. We want to use our social platforms to encourage our fans to spread positivity rather than judge someone's appearance, which is why this initiative is so important to us," said CEO and founder Maureen Kelly. "If we can make an impact through kind words and simple compliments, the internet would be a much more beautiful place." Added Kelly, "ByStander Revolution is an incredible resource for anyone experiencing bullying and that's why we're so excited to partner with them."

Here's how #kissandmakeup works:
Starting Thursday, 2/11, kiss your hand and place over your mouth. Post your selfie on Instagram using #kissandmakeup.

Please tag a friend in your photo, sending them a compliment and tag @tartecosmetics and @bystanderrevolution
tarte will repost throughout the week sharing with their IG community of over 3 million fans.

Thank you tarte cosmetics, for taking a stand against bullying. Often it takes those with a lot of money and a big voice to make a difference.
Please take a stand to stop bullying. I was bullied all of my life. Even as an adult. My kids are bullied. I
Can remember the names of the kids who bullied me. I remember everything they did. Kids commit suicide over bullying. It has to stop.
Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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