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Do you suffer from oily skin? Acne? Would you like to exfoliate your skin more but don't want to overstrip it? I have the perfect solution for you: steep clean mattifying toner pads. These pads are soaked in a solution of sebum fighting, dead skin clearing salicyclic acid and AHAs, smartsponge technology and aloe vera. The salicylic acid and mulitfruit exfoliators help keep oil under control and they exfoliate the skin to clear up the pores. The smartsponge technology regulates sebum production without overdrying the skin. And finally, the aloe vera hydrates the skin so that it does not get overdry and it calms the skin, so that the skin does not get over irritated.
The oily T-Zone is now a thing of the past. These pads are perfect for oily or combination skin to reduce mid-day shine without leaving cheeks peeling or parched. These pads decongest pores and reduce inflammation./ They gently exfoliate to prevent breakouts. They hudrate the skin to restore moisture balance. And finally, they control oil where needed without overdrying. 
After cleansing with steep clean cleansing mask, rub your t-zone and any other plugged-pore prone areas with the front and back of a pad. Avoid the under-eye area. Use morning and evening.
I love using these because they keep away anay acne lesions that I might still get even tough I am 45 years old. Yes, 45. And I still get acne. But these keep them away. These toner pads have the perect formula to keep acne away. I am happy.
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