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Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: The Makeup Eraser #MakeupEraser #cleansingtool

(product photo courtesy of www.makeuperaser.com)

The Makeup Eraser $19.97
This very handy cleansing tool is amazing. The Makeup Eraser looks like a pink piece of throw blanket. I think it is made from the same material as one. However, this is no throw blanket. This takes off all of your makeup and actually cleanses your face without leaving any makeup left on your face at all. It is really quite cool. And  to clean it all you have to do it throw it in the washing machine, wash and voila! Start over. You can use it a few times before you need to wash it. When it comes out of the washing machine it is sparkling new. I tried it in pink, but it comes in many different colors. It comes in black (preferable to those that don't like seeing the vestiges of their mascara on The Makeup Eraser). It also comes in purple, blue, white and red. The pink is the main color because it reminds you of an eraser. 

The Makeup Eraser is make of 100% Microfiber. That is why it reminds me of a throw blanket. Throw blankets are often made of Microfiber too. It is a versatile material that we use for many different things today. We use it for cleaning rags, throw rugs, cleansing cloths and much more. So why not use it to cleanse out face too? It was only natural that someone would come up with this technology for this single purpose. 

One thing that is also very nice about The Makeup Eraser is that it is portable. Take it with you on trips. It sure is easier than carrying around cleanser. Or cleansing wipes. In the morning you can use your regular cleanser or a small travel size of it, but at night you have this. It is small and lightweight, easy to fold up and fit inside something else. Perfect for traveling. It is also great for those nights when you just don't feel like using your regular cleanser. When you are too fatigued to do a full cleanse or just don't feel good. It's a good thing to have around the house. As a backup plan, I know I am glad to have it around. The Makeup Eraser is a savior for me. I suffer severe vertigo attacks and there are times I just cannot take off my makeup because I cannot stand up for a very long time. This helps me tremendously. I can get my makeup off in a very short time and be ready for bed in just a few minutes. Thank you to whomoever invented this product. I am a very happy camper.

The Makeup Eraser is available from www.heidilerner.makeuperaser.com  for $19.97. Order yours today. Trust me you will fall in love with it like I did.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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