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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Review: CO2Lift Mask #CO2LIft #Mask

(product photo courtesy of www.co2lift.com)

$85.00 1 mask/2 pack $155.00
The CO2 Lift Mask is a different mask than what you are normally used to seeing. It comes in a little box with a couple of packets and a stirring spatula and a headband. Its goals are to lift and firm your skin. That sounds easy enough, right? 

This mask is a state of the art holistic anti-aging treatment that is clinically proven to lift, hydrate, brighten and improve the health of your skin. A medical grade treatment gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and also for around the eyes, it can also be used to enhance post laser treatments and peels. This super hydrating wonder-mask, CO2Lift, is the optimal anti-aging solution for your Face, Eyes, Neck and Hands. It contains three different kinds of ceramides, passionfruit extract, aloe vera extract, kudzu, algae, orange extract and cholesterol.  

To use, first you get a small bowl, mix the large and small packets together for 1 minute. Empty both of them into a bowl ensure that all of both packets are extracted completely and mixed completely. Apply to your face with the small spatula. Make sure to apply to the eyelids too. And also apply to the neck, top of hands (where aging shows the first and the most). Leave on for 35 to 50 minutes to dry. Peel it off and follow your regular skincare routine. 

Here is what the mask looks like on:

When the mask comes off, your skin will be lifted, firm and glowing. And I mean firm. This mask firms up the skin on your hands, face and neck. If you are older and have more wrinkles or lack of elasticity you will notice more of a result. The worse off your skin, the more results you will notice. Especially if you have a lack of elasticity in the skin. I just am facing a little bit of wrinkling around my nasolabial folds and marionette lines in my mouth and a little bit of elasticity weakening in my chin area so for my the results were minimal but they were there, don't be fooled. I also noticed how well it works on the eyes. I have some sagging in the eyes and it definitely works in the eyes. 

The CO2 Lift Mask is available from www.CO2lift.com and comes in a single pack for $85.00, double set for $155.00 or you can get the CO2 Lift Beauty Tablets for $25.00. The CO2 Lift Beauty Tablets is a cleanser that works when dissolved in water. The CO2 Lift Hyaluronic Serum is $55.00. Starter Pack With Beauty Tablet (by Subscription) is $95.00. Follow CO2Lift on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/co2lift/

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Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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