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Friday, June 1, 2018

Review: "Me Time" With Yardley Soaps #MeTime #Yardley #YardleySoaps #Soap #EnglishLavender #OatmealAlmond #CreamyCoconut

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"Me Time" With Yardley Soaps
4.25oz./120g $0.97-$1.49 
Rich in lather and in heritage, Yardley bath bars are essential in elevating your "Me Time". Whether it’s that weekend bath time you worked so hard for, or your daily 15-minute escape, the scents and botanical ingredients in each of our bath bars work in perfect unison to soothe both skin and mind. Whether it is their original Oatmeal & Almond or English Lavender, today the tradition continues with their new Creamy Coconut Moisturizing Bath Bar.

Trusted for generations, Yardley soaps are crafted with essential oils and
skin caring ingredients that help smooth your skin and soothe your mind.
Experience their lovely scents and rich lather for a truly delightful shower with formulas that will leave your skin super soft, ultra-moisturized, and beautifully replenished.

I have such fond memories of Yardley Soaps. My grandmother used to use them and I spent much of my childhood at her house. So I distinctly remember using them, especially the English Lavender Soap at her home. That one was her favorite. My grandmother used to clean her entire home every day and still had time to cook an entire meal and dessert every day. I don't know how she had the time. Well, she never sat down, that is how. The only way she found some "Me Time" was to carve out a few minutes for a bath every evening and that was her "Me Time". We used to talk in the evenings about everything and what it meant to be a modern woman compared to what it was like for her growing up during the depression with 10 brothers and sisters on a farm when her mother died from diabetes at the age of 40. She had it tough before she married my grandfather. 

How do I get some "Me Time"? Well luckily I get lots of "Me Time". I am disabled so my "Me Time" is more of a daily ritual instead of a luxury. I need it to help distract me from the chronic pain that I suffer from. Taking a bath is out of the question, as I live alone now that I am divorced, and cannot get in and out of the bathtub by myself. So shower time is "Me Time". 

Every night my shower is a little bit of heaven. I like to take it at night if possible to wash away the day. This is how I find a few moments of escape to re-balance and nurture myself. Oftentimes, the shower is an oasis that delivers the "Me Time" we crave, as it is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in a physical, mental and emotional way. "Me Time" is so much more than just a functional task, the shower is seen as an oasis that delivers relaxation and rejuvenation for body, mind and spirit. Yardley's classic English Lavender is known to melt stress away while Oatmeal & Almond soothes with natural oatmeal. Yardley has just now introduced new Creamy Coconut, the perfect bath bar to pamper your body and mind with a luscious coconut scent. All of the bars leave my skin feeling fresh and silky smooth, and leave me feeling my best.

I love the Yardley English Lavender Soap. Not only does it remind me of my grandmother, but it is a great scent to use before sleep as it has a peacefulness about it. Exhale your busy life and schedule from your body and surround yourself with an English garden when you use the Yardley’s Moisturizing English Lavender Bath Bar. Indulge in the pure lavender essential oils that work to melt away stress in a perfectly balanced bouquet of fresh herbs, lavender and spearmint that soothes the senses with each lather, helping to alleviate stress from both your body and mind. Everyone needs an escape at some point. Yardley views peacefulness as a way to pave your life in gratitude and tranquility. Pausing your week for some "Me Time" helps to allow you to breathe in the goodness of your life and reflect on what matters most to you, so you can illuminate the good and eliminate the rest. 

I love how well this soap lathers up and the scent is phenomenal. It smells like an English garden and reminds me of my grandmother. That brings back wonderful memories for me. Just to have that is precious enough that I am so happy to have used it. I love having this bath bar and using it is wonderful. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth, fresh and soft without that squeaky feeling that you normally get from soaps. 

Oatmeal & Almond soothes with natural oatmeal. If you are looking for a gentle escape then you want the Moisturizing Oatmeal & Almond Bath Bar. The subtle hint of sweet almonds lends itself to a truly refreshing experience that leaves you feeling clean, gently exfoliated and well moisturized. This soap begins with a composition of crushes almonds and sun warmed oatmeal. A beautiful fragrant blend of warm vanilla bean and lemon zest compliment these notes. 'Smooth skin and soothed minds'. At Yardley, they know that sometimes "Me Time" can call for some serious TLC. The time and ingredients you choose to work on protecting and defending your skin are precious as they allow you to look and feel your best.

This is the bar I use when I need some exfoliation for my skin and a little bit of a soothing scent. While the crushes almonds help scrub the dead skin and help get rid of my keratosis pilaris, the soothing oatmeal helps to stop the itching of my dry skin. Keratosis pilaris is a build up of dead skin cells in the hair follicles (pores) of usually the back of the arms, legs and buttocks. I have it in the back of my upper arms and have since I was little. This bar is great because I can use it to exfoliate my skin and help to soothe my very dry skin. It also lathers up nicely even though it is an exfoliating bar. 

When you want to pamper yourself, try the new Creamy Coconut Bath Bar from Yardley. This soap is enriched with shea butter, aloe vera and Vitamin E. Relax as the lush tropical scent of coconut with a hint of vanilla flower takes you away to a tropical paradise. It adds just enough of vanilla flower to create a warm, luscious scent that it will make you feel as if you just stepped off of a beach. Sometimes we do feel guilty taking some "Me Time", but choosing to enrich your body and mind means choosing to enrich your outlook on life each and every day. After all, investing in yourself is the best investment. Indulge a little bit and take some "Me Time" as soon as possible!

This bar is by far my favorite. I love anything coconut and with the added scent of vanilla flower I am just blown away by how wonderful this soap smells. It is so yummy and reminds me of a tropical paradise. It lathers beautifully, so rich and it smells amazing. Even after I get out of the shower I feel so soft and silky. My skin not only smells good but it is soft and pampered with the coconut scent. This is something to adore. 

Yardley Bath Bars, Body Washes and Hand Soaps are found nationwide at your favorite mass, drug and food stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Shop Rite, HEB, Publix, Wegmans and many more. The new Creamy Coconut is available at most Walmart and Walgreens stores. Like Yardley on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YardleyLondonUS/; Follow Yardley on Twitter: @yardleyus?lang=en and Follow Yardley on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yardleylondonus/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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