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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Maybelline SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick Makeup #Maybelline #SuperStay #MultiUseFoundationStickMakeup #MaybellineFoundation

(product photo courtesy of www.maybelline.com)

A great new product from Maybelline is their new foundation stick. This is a new trend in the cosmetics industry, foundation/contouring/highlighting sticks. They are essentially all-in-one foundation, highlighting and contouring sticks that are all the same, you just buy the shade you want for your foundation, the shade you want for your highlight and the one you would like for your contour. 

Maybelline SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick Makeup is a great new long-wearing full coverage foundation that lasts literally all day long with maximum coverage in a easy to use stick that goes on with a cream-to-matte finish. It has a pointed blender sponge on the other end for easy and quick application and blending at home or out on the go. Whether or not you are looking for a cream foundation or a contour foundation, this multitasking stick is a must-have essential that conceals, contours, highlights and covers. This foundation comes in 16 full coverage, super saturated shades that provide great coverage on the skin. You will be amazed at how well a foundation stick can cover. It is akin to concealer, but better. The shades range from 110 Porcelain, to 380 Espresso. To use just open cap, raise foundation stick up and apply to skin and blend with blender sponge, fingertips or foundation brush. 

Here is a swatch of the foundation stick in my shade, 110 Porcelain:

above: Maybelline SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick Makeup in 110 Porcelain

Here is a photo of me wearing the foundation stick:

above: wearing Maybelline SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick Makeup 
I LOVE this foundation stick. I find it incredibly easy to use, covers incredibly well and it blends effortlessly. It also not only takes the place of a highlighter and contour but a concealer too, for me at least. I can use this under my eyes for dark circle coverage. For me however, I cannot find a highlight shade in this range because I use the lightest shade available. I use 110 Porcelain for my foundation, which is the lightest shade they make. I am extremely fair complected and it is very difficult to find a highlighting shade in any of these current foundation/highlighter/contour sticks/ For contour I usually can use 2-3 shades darker than my current skin tone. If you cannot find your shade, there is larger shade range extension is available exclusively on www.ulta.com. I would check there for more shades available. 

The Maybelline SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick Makeup retails for $11.99 and can be purchased at mass market retailers such as Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, Target and WalMart, at Ulta stores and www.ulta.com. Like Maybelline on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maybelline; Follow Maybelline on Twitter: @Maybelline; Follow Maybelline on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/Maybelline/; Follow Maybelline on Instagram: http://instagram.com/maybelline# and Follow Maybelline on Tumblr: http://maybelline.tumblr.com/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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