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Tuesday, September 11, 2018



I think we have to face the fact that in 2018 online dating has surpassed meeting up with people in the real world to actually get dates. I recently got divorced from a 25 year marriage and I have been dating since April. I have only dated online and have been very successful. I must say I am surprised that I have been able to date (date is also a loose word, these days men don't date as much as they want to hookup, you have to weed through the BS) the types of men I want to date and that I luckily found some dates. But now I want to settle down and find a relationship. This requires updating my profile and actually changing things around some. I was attracting the wrong type of man who was not ready for a relationship. 

So what am I to do about this? In this type of situation I can update and have my profile professionally styled by someone who specializes in "the first-ever styling service specifically for online daters to help friends and strangers transform their profiles and take control of their romantic destinies.” In the world of online dating, the 'content of your profile' is your first impression: your potential matches swipe left or right in an instant based on images of you. Doesn't this scare you? If so, I can definitely relate! I have been wading through online men for 6 months now. 

Recently I worked with fashion stylist/art director Alyssa Dineen of Style My Profile. She knows all-too-well the complicated maze and frustrating madness that is online dating in NYC. A mom of two small children, she re-entered the dating world after a divorce at age 41 and couldn’t believe how confusing, difficult to navigate, and sometimes just mind-numbingly painful it was. With a lot of encouragement from friends she took the plunge into online and app dating, post divorce. She quickly realized that so many potential dates could be great matches but they weren’t presenting themselves well, and that conversely, those people with a great photo were so clearly at an advantage. To save herself and others she started the service to transform profiles and to have women and men take control of their dating lives and take control of their dating destinies. She called it Style My Profile.

Alyssa Dineen has been a stylist for over 20 years. She recently took on the role of art director in some photography shoots and Style My Profile is her primary motivation for helping people. So that’s why she is here, to make sure your profile presents you as your best self. She has worked with all different personalities, body types and budgets. Alyssa Dineen knows how to help you stay relevant and current while still feeling like the best version of yourself. 

Before Ms. Dineen takes her product national, I decided I would avail myself of her services to update my online dating profile. Right now she has just been styling the profiles of her clients in NYC, and has been doing very well, but now she is taking here services national. I have decided I want to go from just dating to getting serious about someone. It is about time. I have been dating and not satisfied with what I am getting. She can definitely help. I sent her a copy of the photos I use in my profile as well as the bio I use too.

Here is a picture of the photos I use for my bio:

Here is what she has to say about writing the online dating profile:

"...writing this personal resume can be an intimidating task — yet, it significantly increases your
chances of finding and attracting the right match."

There are three steps to Styling Your Profile: 
  1. The Discovery Session: understand your dating goals and define your personality to define your style
  2. Outfit Creation: Get together, shop or sort through your closet to create refined, new looks for both your profile photos and real live dates.
  3. Style Your Profile: Give your profile a genuine refresh with a biography and photos that look natural and make the right impression.
The styling process starts with an assessment of your current closet and personal style. This is when she discovers how to make your clothes represent your personality. Buttoned up but not tied down? Dressed down but ready to show up? She’ll nail that together right from the start with you. Once you’ve established a budget, she will pre-shop for you and you’ll meet her to try everything on, allowing you more time for swiping and less time shopping. Together you’ll pick outfits for your new profile pictures and looks for your first few face-to-face, zero emoji support, real-life dates. Once she’s assessed your wardrobe and/or shopped, she will style looks for your profile photos and for your first few dates depending on the package you select. Your style will present the fine-tuned "you" want that you collaborated on from the start. Depending on your styling package, she’ll either give you photo taking tips or setup a true-to-you lifestyle shoot. The goal of these photos are to not only to show off your tailored new look, but give an inside look at who you are beyond the clothes. It’s not easy to write about yourself but your profile is key to initiating meaningful relationships. Together she and you will find the right words, craft a profile that stands out, and most importantly, stay true to who you are. Let's face it. All of use doubt ourselves and especially anytime before a date! Give her a call, FaceTime, Skype or text and she’ll give you the thumbs up or suggest some last minute changes to make sure you look your best. Alyssa Dineen is the ultimate dating coach. 

The suggestions she made for my profile photos were to have one more candid with a larger smile on my face and to have one where I was applying makeup on myself or someone. I have had great luck on this site and I do think that I am going to take her advice and do one smiling one (not with teeth, I have a very crooked smile, which is why I don't smile with my mouth open). But taking one applying makeup is a bit harder. As for my actual biography, she made some suggestions and I followed those through to the letter. I had listed that I like a certain type of man, and she suggested not limiting myself so that all who saw the profile would definitely be thinking "Hey, she is attractive, she likes all kinds of people..."

I did interview her for this piece to ask her just a few questions about the success of her business. I did find out a few things. Especially, What are the 4 Things Every Successful Online Dating Profile Needs!?!?!?!?
  1. A second opinion. Definitely reach out and get the opinion of your best friends, roomate, or even your parents.
  2. Take a good selfie. Even if you have to go through a hundred. I speak from experience here. When I post makeup looks, I take 30 selfies to get 1 picture. Have someone else take the picture.
  3. Do NOT Reuse your bio for each website!  Don't. Tailor it to the specific website you are on. 
  4. Consistency in photos. Make sure your photos show how you look now, not 3 years ago, and you want to show photos of only yourself. Not you with an old girlfriend/boyfriend, a group of guys, girls or family. People want to be able to distinguish you right away. 
Packages vary depending on services booked. Packages can be as little as getting a bio styled or having your entire wardrobe re-styled. The possibilities are endless. Alyssa Dineen takes the greatest pleasure in seeing her clients walk away satisfied and on happy dates. Style My Profile has been featured on BravoDaily MailHey Mama and Date PodcastContact Alyssa to get started today.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis


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