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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Review: TULA Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads #TULA #DualPhaseSkinRevivingTreatmentPads #Exfoliant

(product photo courtesy of www.tula.com)

16 Pads/$59.00
Summer is just about over. Your skin is likely overexposed, somewhat tired and probably needing a little bit of TLC. What you need is some good old fashioned exfoliation that gets rid of dead skin cells, and brings new life back into your skin, getting rid of photodamage that may have accumulated over the summer as well as some blackheads from the extra sebum produced. I have just the product for you. 

I am speaking of the TULA Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads, which have been featured in subscription boxes and are a great way to help exfoliate and smooth the skin, lighten up hyperpigmentation and get rid of acne lesions.  TULA was one of the first companies to use probiotics in their skincare. It is 1 pad that works 2 ways. These pads contain the exclusive Pro Renew Complex, which are 100% natural probiotics + lactic acid to exfoliate the skin, thus revealing a brighter, smoother looking complexion. The probiotic strain in this solution is called Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, which helps to exfoliate and resurface the skin. It also contains papaya fruit extract, a natural enzyme found in papayas that exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal brightness and gets rid of rough, dull looking skin. Willow bark extract contains the BHA (beta hydroxy acid) salicylic acid, another exfoliant that helps to clear out pores and kill bacteria that cause acne. Witch Hazel helps to remove excess sebum from the skin. The cotton plant fibers found on the pad themselves help to physically buff away surface debris and dead skin. 

The pads work in 2-phases. First, you open the pouch and glide the white, smooth side of the pad over your entire face to disperse the activating serum and natural plant fibers. Then flip it over and slide two finger under the blue textured side and massage gently for 1-2 minutes to exfoliate. Rinse with water to reveal baby smooth soft and radiant skin. Use the pads once or twice a week.

These pads act like an instant facial. They revive even the dullest, roughest, most lackluster skin. Skin gets the appearance of a baby soft, smooth and bright complexion. Use this product as part of your weekly skincare routine to address issues such as skin tone and texture. Decrease hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Help to decrease acne lesions and clogged pores. This product works in two ways, using chemical and physical exfoliants to give your skin the best possible exfoliation it can, thus giving you the best results possible. Calming probiotics help those with sensitive skin tolerate this gentle pad. I would recommend this for those with oily, normal, combination, mature, sensitive and even dry skins. 

Here is what one of the pads looks like:

I love how well these work. Since I am use to the degree of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and the salicylic acid in this product, I usually do not rinse it off, as I can tolerate the product staying on without any repercussions, such as irritation or redness. I would not advise that for anyone though, unless you have a high tolerance for acids and use them on a regular basis. If your skin is sensitive in the least, NEVER do that. If the fibers from the pad come off onto your skin, that is perfectly normal. These pads may be used morning or night. However, make sure that if you are going to use them in the morning, use sunscreen afterwards because the ingredients in them cause your skin to be more sensitive to sunlight and will cause your skin to burn. Also, do not use any other products with AHAs or BHAs when using the pads. I noticed results right away. My skin looked brighter, fresher, and my skin tone was definitely more even. My skin also felt smoother and softer. I don't really get many more clogged pores, except some acne lesions on my chin and those are more hormonal in nature than anything else. Granted, they do always start with clogged pores and bacteria, but it is important to realize where your problems lie and stick to that area and not overdry your entire face. 

After one use women saw the following results:
  • 93% of women said their skin looked glowing
  • 93% of women said their skin felt softer
  • 93% of women said their skin felt more clear
  • 93% of women said their skin felt rejuvenated
  • 93% of women said their skin looked healthie
TULA Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads retail for $59.00 per pack of 16. They also come in a pack of 6 for $22.00. TULA Skincare can be found online at www.tula.com. Like TULA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TULA/; Follow TULA on Twitter:@tula; Follow TULA on Pinterest:https://www.pinterest.com/liveTULA/ and Follow TULA on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/tula/.
Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

(This product was sent for consideration)

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