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Monday, February 25, 2019


Hello! Acne. It's one of those annoying things that happens to skin and it happens to teenagers up to middle age men and women. And it is really damn annoying. However there is definitely one thing I know for sure that could be causing it and that is your cell phone. Did you know that? Probably didn't think that if you are repeatedly getting acne at one particular place on your face and that if it is one side of your chin; it is because of your dirty, germy cell phone. Yuck, right? 

I have great skin except for one thing. I too suffer from this vile form of acne. You wouldn't know it to look at me, would you? But I do. I get acne on my chin and it's on my left side where my dirty cell phone touches my face. I often rub it off, thinking "oh, I'm cleaning it". When in fact, I'm really not. I may be rubbing off the foundation but the germs are still there. 

So if you suffer from this, simply clean your phone with a wipedown of some isopropyl alcohol once every day or two. Preferably once a day is good, but if you can at least do it every other day, that is handling it too. 

Here is a photo of my jaw acne:

chin acne
Very little of it is hormonal in nature because this is all centered on the left side of my chin. A hormonal breakout occurs when you breakout in pimples or whiteheads at the same time all over the area. These are small papules or cysts that have erupted under the skin on on side of the face. And the remedy is to clean my cell phone with isopropyl alcohol on a regular basis and to treat the acne with something gentle like Clarifast (acne treatment), a low level benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Some products that are available which work are Proactiv, Proactiv MD, Differin, Kamedis CLEAR, Neutrogena, Murad Acne, Peter Thomas Roth and AcneFree. These will exfoliate the skin, kill the bacteria and treat the inflammation. To prevent further problems, it is wise to make sure and clean your cell phone daily or bi-daily with isopropyl alcohol, wiping it down and getting rid of the germs and dirt that are clogging up my pores (hair follicles). 

Another option is to also treat the skin with salicylic acid at a low level to help prevent this further but I am on Retin A. I technically should not be using too many exfoliants on my face that can cause peeling and thinning of the skin. However if there is a breakout and my skin can handle it, a small dose once daily for a couple of days will not hurt. The Retin A cannot treat this on its own, it is a powerful exfoliant but it is not an anti-bacterial and as you can see, these bumps are red. That means that bacteria have entered the picture. Red bumps like those need to be treated with a product that exfoliates and kills the acne vulgaris bacteria. 

So to sum up, clean your cell phones, make sure to keep treating your face with an exfoliant and an anti-bacterial agent that will help to keep the papules away. If you do these things then your cell phone acne will be sure to clear up within the month. It takes about a month or two for the scars to dissipate, use Vitamin C serum, 10% on the area to help lighten them. Should you follow these directions your skin will be looking better in no time flat. 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie
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