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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Review: Volition Beauty Turmeric Brightening Polish For Face & Body #VolitionBeauty #Volition #TurmericBrighteningPolish #FaceandBodyScrub #Scrub

(product photo courtesy of www.volitionbeauty.com)

4 fl.oz./120mL $38.00
Volition Beauty does things differently. Not only do they put out kick ass skincare products, but they use their customers to actually CREATE their products! Yes, it is true. If you are a customer and have an idea for a product, just submit it to the company and it is possible that your idea for a product will become a reality. But don't fret if it doesn't. They get hundreds of submissions weekly and can only make products that do not currently exist in the current marketplace and that can fill a niche where there isn't a product currently working for customers. That is what makes this company so wonderful, not only do they listen to their customers, they create what their customers actually want to use!

I'd love to discuss one of the products I tried from their line. It is called Turmeric Brightening Polish. It was thought of by Anuradha. She looked to her own Indian culture for inspiration for this product. For centuries in India, turmeric has been used soften and instantly brighten skin. This ancient spice has been used in women's skincare as a critical part of their regimens. Anuradha wanted to share this wonderful and luxurious ritual with everyone, everywhere. 

Volition Beauty Turmeric Brightening Polish is the perfect answer to skin that is uneven in tone, has hyperpigmentation, has melasma, is dry, has dry patches, is dull and is blemish prone. It is perfect for all skin types. What exactly does this wonder product do, you ask? It exfoliates dead skin cells that are laying on top of the skin and inside the pores (hair follicles) and sweeps them away to help clear out the skin and allow products to work better. The turmeric in the polish helps the skin to look brighter and have a more beautiful and natural radiance to it. It also helps to soften the skin by getting rid of old, dead skin and allowing the following ingredients like Olive Fruit Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Radish Root and Sandalwood Extract to help hydrate the skin. This product is also vegan and clean, meaning that it does not contain any sulfates, phthalates, parabens, fragrance or other harmful/banned ingredients. It is also cruelty-free. 

How do you use this product? Wet face. Open it up and take about a quarter sized or slightly larger amount to use on your face. For the body definitely use as much as you need. Gently massage onto wet skin on face (or body if you'd like). Leave on for two minutes without scrubbing. Use lukewarm water to rinse thoroughly. Use once a week for great results. If your skin can stand it and isn't sensitive, you could likely try it twice a week. I would only recommend this for those who do not have acneic skins, sensitive skins, those who don't use Retin A or excessive use of AHA's. This scrub is not for the faint of heart. It is strong and leaves skin looking beautifully polished and looking gorgeous. It is approved for all skin types, even sensitive. I would agree with this on the condition that those with sensitive skins use it sparingly and are not on any AHAs, Retin A, or other exfoliants, physical or chemical. 

Personally I think this product is amazing. It does a lot in a small amount of time. I actually leave it on longer than the recommended two minutes. I want the turmeric to really work on my skin. The polish is not too severe, and does a very good job of exfoliating my skin. I like that is contains ground walnut shell powder for the exfoliant. It also contains ground turmeric root extract and ground turmeric. Both of these are very good for exfoliation and for lightening up the skin. Indian women have been using turmeric for hundreds of years to help lighten the skin. I spoke with a biochemist who used to work for Galderma, and he said turmeric is an excellent active against hyperpigmentation and is also a great antioxidant. Using this product will help the skin fight against free radicals. This is great for anti-aging. 

Volition Beauty Turmeric Brightening Facial Polish comes in a very large 4.0 fl.oz./120mL tube and retails for $38.00. It is sold online at www.volitionbeauty.comLike Volition Beauty on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volitionbeauty; Follow Volition Beauty on Twitter: @volitionbeauty; Follow Volition Beauty on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/volitionbeauty/ and Follow Volition Beauty on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/volitionbeauty/.

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