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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Review: NECTAR QUEEN MATTRESS (My Experience With The Company & The Mattress) #NECTAR #Mattress #OnlinePurchase #OnlineShopping #NewMattress #Sleep #Insomnia #NectarMattress

NECTAR QUEEN MATTRESS (My Experience With The Company & The Mattress)

I have been sleeping on the same mattress for 10 years now. Yes. 10 long years. And to be honest, for the last year, I have been sleeping on the recliner of my couch because the mattress hurt my lower back where I have 4 fused lumbar vertebrae. So I decided to purchase a new mattress because I desperately needed one. I had heard good things about Nectar because they have memory foam mattresses that are firm enough but still soft enough that they are great to sleep on. I have been wanting a memory foam mattress ever since we got ones for our kids. 

So I decided on a Nectar. The next step was to order it. You can order in a store that carries it locally or order it online at www.nectarsleep.com. They come in all regular sizes except California King. I ordered a Queen size which was on special for $699 with $125 off and I received 2 memory foam pillows too. I also requested White Glove Delivery because I am disabled and cannot lift the mattress much less get rid of my old one. The White Glove Delivery will set you back another $149.00. I figured it was good since I had just saved $125. I definitely needed it. I also ordered the waterproof mattress pad to keep the mattress in good shape. That was $99.00. The total came to $1005.00

I ordered it on March 12, 2019. I figured it would not take that long to get it. I was assured it would not take that long to get it. After I ordered my mattress it was shipped almost immediately to the delivery carrier, called NVC (White Glove Delivery). I called and asked how long it would be until delivery and was told that it should be any day that they would call. I didn't ever receive a call. After about a week, I notice that my mattress was being shipped back to Nectar. Apparently someone told Nectar that I was going to buy my mattress with Amazon and that I didn't want it anymore and to cancel the order!!!!!! I was livid. I said this is not true, please get it back, that was a mistake. Nectar corrected it and had the mattress shipped back to NVC (White Glove Delivery). 

So I wait. And wait. And I still do not hear from them. I did receive my mattress protector, which was a good sign, because I did not receive it before. After NVC had my mattress for a week (again) I call Nectar and ask when will NVC be delivering my mattress? I was told soon. I was told that Nectar is working with NVC to help figure out what is wrong. After about 3-4 phone calls like this I finally get the number for NVC and call myself. As it turns out they didn't have my phone number so they couldn't call me. Are you kidding me? Nectar didn't give them my phone number? Finally, I got my delivery set up for the 17th of April. 

The White Glove Delivery Team called the day before delivery and gave me a 1-hour window for delivery then called the day of and said they were 15 minutes away. They came in took my mattress out and put the new one in. It filled up in about 15 minutes. I was surprised it was so quick. They were very professional. They also told me they had heard stories of people waiting up to 2 months for their mattresses. So I felt lucky. 

The mattress itself is wonderful. It is firm but soft. Meaning when you lay on it you don't sink down into the mattress like you do with some memory foam mattresses. I am sleeping like a rock lately. As soon as I go to bed, I fall asleep and I don't wake up until morning. And I am not tossing and turning either. It is definitely a wonderful mattress and was worth the wait. I love how comfortable it is as well as how great my sleep is. I also like the pillows that came with it, they are awesome. It also keeps you cool, so that you don't sweat during the night. Which is definitely something that is helpful. Cannot believe I waited so long to get a memory foam mattress. I can finally sleep in my bed and without pain. I use it on top of my box spring, which I kept. It can be used alone, on a platform, a divan base, traditional base, traditional frame and an adjustable bed. 

There are 5 layers to the mattress: the Tencel Cooling cover (helps circulate air and wick away heat while you sleep), Quilted Gel Memory Foam (contours perfectly to your body while providing loft and increased air circulation), Gel Memory Foam (distributes your weight evenly, offering cool, contouring support), Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam (supports your body, as only recovery foam can, providing crucial rebound and bounce) and the Breathable Base Layer (reinforces the contouring and support layers, giving you a stable, breathable foundation). It is described as being medium-firm, allowing the mattress to both contour and support the body. Nectar’s top layer of quilted memory foam stimulates air flow beneath your body, while the Tencel fabric wicks away unwanted heat and moisture.

Now, it had already been a full month since I ordered my mattress. I would expect it to be a lot shorter since you can just walk into a store and get a mattress, purchase it and have it delivered to you in 3 days or less. I am definitely soured by this experience. Would I purchased from Nectar again? Next time I would go to a store near me that offered one of their mattresses instead of purchasing online. I think they really messed up the order and they did nothing to rectify the problems with the order or to make this customer happy. I did not specifically ask for any special treatment but I should not have to. A customer is not happy and I told them I was unhappy and that I would not purchase from them again. When they hear something like that they should immediately try to console me with something such as a gift card, discount, partial refund or something to try and ameliorate the situation. But they didn't and that is why I will not be going back to purchase from them again. The best thing about this mattress is it has a 365 day trial. If you are not happy you can send it back and you will get your money back. It also has a forever warranty against defects, works with all frames and they provide free shipping and returns. 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
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