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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Eyebrow Transplants Are The Hottest and Latest Beauty Treatments! #plasticsurgery #jasonchampagnemd #eyebrowtransplant #beautytreatment

Eyebrow Transplants Are The Hottest and Latest Beauty Treatments!

Eyebrows are often overlooked as beauty features but actually are very important because they frame the eyes and face; eyebrows make expressions more animated. I know for a fact that keeping eyebrows neat and clean looking without overtweezing is very important. Why? Because when I was a teenager I used to tweeze my eyebrows relentlessly and now they are thin and lifeless. The hair did not grow back and I myself am a great candidate for an eyebrow transplant. Since I am seriously considering getting one, I thought it would be a great idea to discuss the procedure. It is either this or microblading. I am not sure yet which one I want to do. Let's discuss eyebrow transplants, the do's and don'ts by Dr. Jason Champagne, a board-certified plastic surgeon, who does a lot of these surgeries. I asked Dr. Champagne some questions about the procedure and he was nice enough to answer them.

Eyebrow transplants began when hair transplants started back in the 1990's. They have been around for over 20 years but only became more popular the past few years with the advent of the current full brow look. A good candidate for an eyebrow transplant is someone who has straight to wavy hair. Curly hair will not do because it will likely curl on the brow, whereas straight or slightly wavy hair lies straight on the brow. In addition, patients who have lost their eyebrow hairs as a result of genetics, overtweezing, or trauma are generally the best candidates. Patients with alopecia and other medical causes for hair loss are not typically good candidates and need to be evaluated on an individual basis. In the hands of an experienced surgeon who will be able to choose proper candidates for the procedure, hair transplants should be permanent. 

Generally, eyebrow transplantation takes around 4 to 6 hours. Approximately half of this time is harvesting the follicles, and the other half is implanting the follicles. With larger grafting cases that exceed 500 follicles, it may take slightly more time. Recovery consists of 5 days where antibiotic ointment is to be kept on the brows and up to 5 more days of crusts/scabs in the brows around the graft sites. If sutures (stitches) are used in the back of the scalp, they are removed typically 10 to 12 days after surgery but are well-hidden within the hair and aren't visible.  The hairs that grow from the transplanted follicle are permanent. The transplanted hair, when taken from the back of the head, will grow just like it is still on your head to lengths much longer than your existing brow. Many women already groom their brows . The hairs from the transplantation will also have to be groomed on average once weekly to maintain proper length. One drawback to the procedure is that results will vary depending on the quality of the donor hair. For example, if donor hair is very fine or very coarse, then hair growth in the eyebrows will be fine or coarse as well. This does not exclude these patients from the procedure, but is something that must be taken into account and discussed during the consultation to establish expectations. Also, patients who have undergone microblading or tattooing of the brow may have developed scar tissue within the brow. This could lead to slightly less hair growth than expected due to reduced blood supply found in scar tissue. These patients should be aware of this possibility because in some instances, a second procedure may be desired to increase hair density.

Eyebrow transplantation is available around the country, however, patients should seek a surgeon who has a great deal of experience and performs the procedure on a very regular basis. The design of the eyebrow shape with the individual's facial features in mind is extremely important as is the direction and angle of exit of hair grafts for optimal, natural-appearing results. Because each patient is unique, costs can vary greatly. Also, costs vary depending on geographical region, physician performing the procedure and other factors. It is very important to keep in mind that you should not choose your doctor based solely on cost as this can lead to undesirable results which can be irreversible.

Here are some photographs of Dr. Champagne and celebrities who have undergone eyebrow transplantation with before and after results:

Actress Meghan Good, Before & After 

Actress Meghan Good Before

Actress Meghan Good After

As you can see, the results are pretty dramatic. My brows are very, very thin and I think this procedure would make a huge difference in the way my eyebrows would look. I think this is an interesting procedure that is so different than some of the other procedures with very little downtime and little to no scarring, very little pain, little to no bleeding and little to no drawbacks. I am definitely thinking about doing this.

What do you think about the procedure?

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
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  2. Eyebrow transplant has been successful for many years and today due to advanced technology, many new machines have developed which makes it easier to get the transplantation done within no time. Also, there are many reasons why a person goes through eyebrw transplantation apart from hair growth-both eyebrows have a different shape, etc.

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