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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Review: Fur Wash Cloth Cleansing & Softening #Fur #WashCloth #Cleansing #Softening

(product photo courtesy of www.furyou.com)

18 Biodegradable Cloths $22.00

At the end of the day have you ever had to go somewhere and you do not have time to shower but you feel the need for some freshening up? I'm talking about a whole body refresh not just the genital region. Fur, the company that took the pubic hair game to the next level, has the perfect product for this very situation. It is called Wash Cloth and is a biodegradable wash cloth that is a single-use cloth saturated with essential waters and a bit of Fur Oil to soften skin while removing dirt, bacteria and sweat on the go. Safe for the most sensitive areas, supposedly ample enough to cleanse the whole body, the Wash Cloth leaves skin supple, soft and utterly refreshed. 

When I used the cloths I found that they didn't hold up to clean the entire body, but maybe my body is just very large. I did feel they cleaned intimate areas very well. I liked how well it cleaned my legs and arms but felt once I got to the intimate areas there was not enough left to do them and I had to use a new cloth. So I would recommend two if you are really in a pinch. 

These are great to use after going to the gym and having a light workout, if you just want to feel refreshed after a long day and are going to a party after work or for drinks with friends. There are a long list of ingredients on the box but that doesn't necessarily mean anything because the Fur Oil that is included in the Wash Cloths contains a good amount of different essential oils to help avoid ingrown hair. I would avoid using these on the vaginal area. I did and they irritated it. I am not sure if it's the Fur Oil or something else in the cloth or the wash ingredients but I had vulvar irritation and it lasted almost three days.

Fur Wash Cloth Cleansing & Softening retails for $22.00 per box of 18 cloths. Like Fur on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/furproducts/ and Follow Fur on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fur_you/?hl=en

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