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0.135 oz./4mL $24.99
I normally take in my CBD in the use of medical marijuana. I have a card and a Rx by my paint management physicians. So I don't often get to use CBD products alone. While I like them and they add relief to my arthritis, the entire plant actually relieves me more than just CBD alone. This spray helps you to feel better and freshens your breath. The only issue is that it is very strong at freshening breath, almost too strong. Each Super Breath Blast has a big, bold, spray of peppermint in each of 80 sprays, 2-3 sprays does does trick given the super bioavailablility provided by their soluble nanotechnology. 

This breath spray is super strong and I can barely get 2 squirts in when I am overcome with a huge tongue issue, in that it is overheated. The peppermint is too much for one small mouth. I would prefer one small dose. 

The ingredients are listed below: ethanol, glycol, natural peppermint, 160mg of premium water-soluble hemp CBD extract. Their soluble nantechnology allows you to to use less mg because the cannabinoids go directly to your bloodstream via the soft tissue of the mouth. Some say 1 mg of nano extrat performs like 10 mg of an oil tincture.

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