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Monday, November 11, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Colgate & Ryan's World Kid's Oral Care Regimen Pack With A Mystery Kids Toy #Colgate #RyansWorld #OralCareRegimen #Toothbrush #Toothpaste #dentalcare


The Colgate Kids Set featuring Ryan's World contains a manual toothbrush, kids battery powered toothbrush, kids toothpaste with fluoride and a kids toy. Both toothbrushes have soft bristles, while the toothpaste and mouthwash provide cavity protection. 

Ryan of Ryan's World and Ryan's Mystery Playdate on Nickelodeon only represents quality products that his parents approve of and that are either educational or beneficial to children. He is fun and engaging to young children and they respond well to him. Everyone loves Ryan!

I believe these fun and bright products will help preschoolers and young children to help enhance their oral care routine with a fun battery powered toothbrush that they can use when they feel coordinated enough to do so. First, teach your child how to brush with the manual toothbrush and then move on to the battery powered toothbrush because studies show they remove more plaque and tartar than a manual toothbrush. 

The toothpaste flavor is bubble fruit, which kids have come to accept as their favorite. Don't worry, they will move to mint toothpaste when they are older when the time comes. Mine did. The manual and battery powered toothbrush are both phenomenal with soft bristles and Ryan's picture on them. There is also his picture on the tube of toothpaste. Kids will feel at home when they brush with Ryan. This will make a great stocking stuffer, where you can take it all out of the box and place it in the stocking or just wrap it up and place it under the tree. Either way, it's a great kids gift to have for the holidays.

This set is available at Walmart, on amazon.com and in various mass marketplaces. 

Happy Holidays~

Marie Papachatzis
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