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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Review: SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam #skinfood #blacksugar #perfectscrubfoam #exfoliate #ricewine #

(product photo courtesy of www.skinfood.us)

6.35oz./180g $14.00
SKINFOOD, one of Korea's best exports in terms of skincare products, loves to use black sugar in everything they make. I recently purchased their Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam from www.amazon.com and boy is it the nicest scrub you can use on your face. So gentle and doesn't dry out the skin at all. It is a gentle and effective scrub foam featuring black sugar granules, refined rice wine and botanical oils. It works to remove dead skin cells and leaves the complexion smooth and flawless. Fine black sugar granules gently remove impurities, while creamy foam soothes any irritation for the perfect cleanse. Black Sugar Cleansing Skin Care Line is and exfoliating and moisturizing cleansing line with organic black sugar that is enriched with Vitamins and minerals To hydrate and nourish skin. Dead skin cells are scrubbed away, leaving skin soft and glowing.

The black sugar sourced by SKINFOOD is not actually black, but a dark brown sugar. The brown color derives from the amount of molasses, a syrup separated out from sugar after the refining process. While most commercial brown sugar is just refined white sugar coated with molasses, black sugar is unrefined, leaving behind more of the natural benefits. Enriched with vitamins and minerals and organically farmed without pesticides, it’ s sweet to the taste and to the touch!
Sugar is a natural exfoliant. With its grainy texture, it’s the perfect ingredient to heighten the scrubbing action that removes dead skin cells, which can clog pores and make your complexion look dull. It's an ingredient that works for any skin type, even sensitive skin. I would recommend this over any other scrub. There are no microplastics being distributed into the ocean, its completely organic and it exfoliates the skin without causing damage to it in uneven skin excoriations.
Black sugar would be considered a physical type of exfoliation. Also known as manual or mechanical exfoliation, it relies on a rubbing action (aka friction) and physical contact with a substrate to loosen and remove dead skin cells. On the other hand (pun intended), there are chemical exfoliants that include such ingredients as alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids, retinol, and enzymes, which can have different, more targeted effects on skin. If you prefer a physical exfoliatiant, I highly recommend the Black Sugar Mask Wash Off and if you prefer a chemical exfoliator, try the Black Sugar Perfect Splash Mask.
If you have a sensitive skin type, you should always be careful to try exfoliants on a small patch of skin to test for any skin irritations or reactions before using on your entire face or body.
Sugar is also a natural humectant, which means that it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. So when you use the Black Sugar Mask Wash Off or the Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam, you’ re hydrating your skin and helping it to retain moisture, two effective ways to treat signs of aging. You’ ll also be helping to save the environment! The primary exfoliating agent in many popular beauty brands involve microbeads, tiny plastic particles which act as the friction substrate. As of 2015, these microbeads, which have been popping up in concerning numbers in water sources, such as the Great Lakes, have been banned. SKINFOOD makes it easy for you to nourish your skin and do the planet a solid at the same time. 
Exfoliation scrubs away a topical layer of skin, which encourages newer skin cells to the surface. These skin cells are more prone to damage - think of how soft a baby’ s skin is. Give your newly-scrubbed skin the TLC it needs with a sugar scrub, rather than a salt scrub. Sugar granules are generally smaller than salt granules, so they are gentler on skin. And remember, salt is a desiccant, the opposite of a humectant. It’ s just a fancy word for something that pulls water out, not in. 
To Use Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam: Dispense a few dollops into wet palms, lather and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Focus on areas with blackheads and flaky skin for better results. Use up to 3x weekly with oily skin. Normal and combination skin use 2x per week and dry and mature skin use 1x per week. Acneic skins with eruptions should not use this product. This is best for any other skin type though. 
I love how SKINFOOD's Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam makes my normal skin feel. It make my skin feel like baby butt soft. So soft and pink too from the blood rushing to my face. Yes, when you do a physical exfoliation with sugar, you get the reddest skin possible. But that's not a bad thing. red skin is great. You want blood to the skin, it gives it oxygen and nutrients that it needs. So you are also creating a faster turn around time for your skin cells. They need that as they get older. Skin cells start to slow down in turn overtime as they get older and you have to start moving them faster to skin looks bright and glowing.
SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam retails for $14.00 on www.skinfood.us or you can also purchase it on www.amazon.com. Like SKINFOOD on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theskinfood.us; Follow SKINFOOD on Twitter: @skinfood_us and Follow SKINFOOD on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinfood_us/.

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