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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sustainable Fashion company pioneers 3D-printed Zero Waste clothing #sustainablefashion #3Dprintfashion #ZEROWASTE

Sustainable Fashion company pioneers 3D-printed Zero Waste clothing

  • Danish startup Son of a Tailor uses 3D textile printing methods to eliminate fabric waste
  • Campaign raises over €100,000 in under two weeks, hitting the €13,400/ £11,500/ $15,000 target in under 40 minutes
  • Items made to order according to precise measurements, significantly reducing customer returns, while the company has no stock inventory

Clothing brand Son of a Tailor (www.sonofatailor.com) adheres to two core values- no fabric waste and no unsold inventory. 
Their Zero Waste pullover went on sale via a Kickstarter campaign on 21 October, reaching its target of $15,000 in just 39 minutes. Pieces are clean and minimalist, a reflection of their Danish origins. 
Consumers are waking up to the environmental costs of producing and transporting fast fashion, while internet searches for the term “sustainable fashion” tripled between 2016 and 2019. 
Garments are made to order and cut from one piece of fabric using the latest 3D knitting machine technology, preventing overproduction and textile waste in the form of cut-offs. An algorithm uses the four criteria of weight, height, age, and shoe size to create a near-perfect fit, ensuring a low product return rate. All items are manufactured in the European Union to ensure a high-quality product and fair working conditions.
The apparel industry produced an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste in 2018 alone, while garment production and transportation accounts for around 10% of global CO2 emissions. Conventional clothing production wastes up to 21% of fabric in the cutting process, and Son of a Tailor’s method reduces this waste to under 1%. At the same time, 15-20% of clothes are wasted in unsold inventory and 60% of purchased clothes items are discarded after just one year, according to estimates.
Son of a Tailor CEO and Co-Founder Jess Fleischer says: "The fashion industry must finally rethink. The success of our Kickstarter campaign shows that consumers are ready for this: more than 400 people supported our Zero Waste pullover in the first 24 hours, making us the most popular Kickstarter project currently in the fashion sector. Sustainability is not a choice. We need to change the negative impact of our consumption on the environment as quickly as possible, but this can only happen if all manufacturers rethink and run their production lines in a more environmentally friendly way."

About Son of a Tailor
The clothing company Son of a Tailor (www.sonofatailor.com) was founded in 2014 by Jess Fleischer and Sten Martin Jonsson and offers tailored outerwear for men. In addition to t-shirts in various designs, a Zero Waste sweater was added to the product range in 2019. Each item is made to order according to the individual measurements of the customer. An algorithm has been developed to calculate the ideal size based on weight, size, age and shoe size, which also ensures a low product return rate. The two founders are convinced that fashion must be better - for consumers, the environment and everyone involved in production. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company currently employs 15 people and offers shipping to over 140 countries worldwide. 


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