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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Kat Von D Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette #katvondbeauty #lolitaporvidapalette #eyeshadowpalette

(product photo courtesy of www.katvondbeauty.com)


I love the eyeshadow palettes that come out at holiday time. They are often the best ones of the year. That is where you want to save and spend your money, whether it be for yourself, or for a loved one (family or friend). I have a gorgeous palette that I know you will love right here, that is absolutely perfect for winter and fall, spring and summer. All year round. 

Kat Von D Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette is a beautiful palette made up of muted berries and neutral shades that would look good on almost just about everyone. Which is why she made it. Based on the iconic shade "Lolita!", if you cannot get enough of their #1 chestnut rose shadow, prepare to obsess over the biggest Lolita Palette yet. "Lolita Por Vida" literally means Lolita for life. Fall in love for life with 18 romantic shades in mattes, shimmers, foils & super-glitter finishes. Just like "Lolita", the #1 lipcolor, all the shades in this palette are vegan and were created with just the right balance of undertones to look beautiful on a range of skin tones. With everyday warm, neutral and mauve tones you can add dimension with smooth mattes, glitz it up with shimmers and instantly foil your lid with creamy metallics. Finally, romance your look by topping it off with "Reina" (meaning Queen in Spanish) a reflective metallic super-glitter, for unforgettable sparkle. And of course, finish with a lipstick from the Lolita family (familia) like Lolita or Lolita II. The romance doesn't end there, the shades names are after Spanish terms of endearment and the logo features beautiful hand-drawn lettering. It is also cruelty-free. 

Here are the swatches of the 18 gorgeous shades in the palette:

Here are photos with a Lolita Por Vida eye look:

Here are photos of the eyeshadows on women of four different skin tones wearing the shadows successfully:

This video from YouTube shows the Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette and how to use it:

I think this would be a great gift for any Kat Von D Beauty fan or a fan of neutral eyeshadows who would like to kick up their shadow game some. These shadows are a step above neutral but add some pop to the colors. Purchase it for yourself or your sister, best friend, mother, aunt, wife or daughter. Anyone who loves makeup as much as I do. 

The Kat Von D Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette retails for $49.50 and is available from www.katvondbeauty.com or www.sephora.com and SEPHORA stores. Like Kat Von D Beauty on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katvondbeauty; Follow Kat Von D Beauty on Twitter: @katvondbeauty; Follow Kat Von D Beauty on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katvondbeauty and Subscribe to Kat Von D Beauty on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/katvondbeauty?.

Happy Holidays!

Marie Papachatzis
Follow Me On Instagram: iamthemakeupjunkie

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