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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Soothe Holiday Gift Set #holidaygiftguide2019 #soothe #holidaygiftset #sootherapy

(product phot courtesy of shop.soothe.com)

$150.00-$230 for gift card & bath salts
above: picture of the outside of he box

above: what comes inside of the box

above: a closer look at what comes in the box

above: picture of one bath salt packet

The Calm. Cleanser. Cure. Holiday Gift Set combines therapeutic body massage which is Soothe's signature offering, new Sootherapy Healing Bath Salts, which render additional mind and body stress relief via a long warm bath soak that reduces muscle soreness and aches. The bath salts deliver intense hydration plus detoxification that will leave skin feeling clean, soft, silky and nourished. The alluring coconut and lemongrass scent is fantastic, taking you away to exotic destinations. 

In this wonderful box you get three sachets Sootheraphy Healing Bath Salts plus a Soothe $180/$150 massage card. It's a gift that as luxurious as it is restorative. The massage card can be applied to booking any type of Soothe massage in the USA. Designed to extend the healing and restorative effects of massage for mind and body, Sootheraphy Healing Bath Salts contain fragrant coconut milk, accented by lovely lemongrass and ginger to nourish the skin. Moloka’i sea salt to detoxify and ease sore muscles. The Gift Set arrives ready to give in a white box adorned with a black and silver Soothe ribbon. 

Included you will find:
  • One physical massage card ($150 or $200 value)
  • Three sachets of Sootherapy Healing Bath Salts
  • Gift box with Soothe ribbon

The Massage Card can be applied toward any of their massages (customer selects denomination), Which can be applied toward booking any type of Soothe massage in the USA, as well as a 3 pack of Sootherapy Healing Bath Salts. These are made in Hawaii and feature exotic premium tropical ingredients that are naturally active, locally harvested and sustainably grown. All of the bath salts are non-GMO, all natural, paraben-free ingredients. They feature organic coconut oil, all natural softener, moisturizer, and skin protector. Their important source of Vitamins and minerals, as well as electrolytes and some age defying non-drying magnesium chloride, which helps detoxify while stimulating blood circulation. "Alaea Salt, a mineral rich blend of red Alaea Volcanic clay, antioxidant-rich bamboo an pure Hawaiian sea salt, which is used in sacred cleansing and purifying rituals. Raw Cane Sugar, which contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acids that help with cellular renewal, producing a clearer and vibrant skin tone, while reducing hyperpigmentation. Ginger, an anti-inflammatory and reduces irritations, while warming and detoxifying the skin. Taro, high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes and considered a life-giving food. Noni, a tropical fruit used internally and topically to ease inflammation, restore skin health, and has powerful antioxidant, antiviral and healing properties. 

I found the bath salts to be highly scented and to smell like a tropical paradise. The scent of coconut milk is very strong. Which I do not mind at all. I love that scent. The lemongrass is more faint but can be scented and is definitely there. I just love the smell of coconut milk and because of that my nose picked up on it wanted to keep smelling that. The bath salts made my skin feel softer and smoother because I used them to scrub on my keratosis pilaris prior to putting them in the water,

Sootherapy Holiday Gift Set retails for $150.00-$180.00. Like Sootherapy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soothe; Follow Sootherapy on Twitter: @soothe and Follow Sootherapy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soothe/.

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