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Monday, February 3, 2020

Review: Grecian Soap Company Goat's Milk & Olive Oil Soap #GrecianSoap #GoatsMilk #OliveOil #Soap

(product photo courtesy of www.greciansoap.com)

5 oz./142g $7.50

I received some soaps from the Grecian Soap Company to try out and OMG do I love them. These rich and creamy soaps are the best I have ever used. Exceptionally mild and creamy, this soap leaves no residue on your skin and has excellent skincare qualities. They are made from half Goat's Milk and half Olive Oil. Soaps like these are definitely the best of both worlds. With its natural anti-aging properties, vitamins and antioxidants, the soaps help skin retain moisture making it feel incredible. They combine the two best ingredients for your skin, Goat' s milk and Olive oil. 

Goat's Milk is extremely good for the skin, as it helps to calm, soothe and gets rid of inflammation. Olive Oil is great for moisturizing and nourishing, not to mention fine lines and wrinkles. Soaps like these are exceptionally creamy, moisturizing and rich. After using them, your skin will not feel dry but will feel soft, supple and deeply nourished. There are 16 different scents, I tried Island Citrus, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Rosemary Mint. My favorite is Japanese Cherry Blossom. The soaps are high in antioxidants such as Vitamins A and E, and they also have the ability to renew and repair skin. It is said that olive oil stimulates skin cells leading to a natural regrowth and maintenance of healthy, firm skin. Another nice thing is that these soaps are huge, they come in 5 oz. bars, so they last a long time as long as you leave them in a soap dish. 

Personally, I find that these can not only be used on the body, but can also be used on the face too, since they are so gentle and help to combat inflammation and any sort of redness and irritation. I looked at the ingredients and did not find any that would cause clogged pores. These soaps are wonderful with great scents that you will love. Grecian Soap Company uses the finest ingredients around to help make your skin the best its ever been. 

Grecian Soap Company Goat's Milk & Olive Oil Soap retails for $7.50 and can be found online at www.greciansoap.com. Like Grecian Soap on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thegreciansoapcompany and Follow Grecian Soap on Twitter: @GrecianSoap.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis


  1. This is an absolutely new company which appeared so unexpectedly But I think I will give it a try and order their soap made from goats milk.

  2. This natural soap is rich in nutrients. And most importantly, it completely lacks aggressive chemicals, without which practically no commercial soap is dispensed with in our time.

  3. I think that this type of soap is really of supreme quality. I suppose that it will be really nice of you to share all the ingredients.


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