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1.7 fl.oz./50mL $40.00
high beauty is a brand that has emerged in the skincare marketplace and it is based on the cannabis plant, or what is more commonly known as marijuana. As it turns out, the cannabis plant has tremendous qualities that make it remarkably useful when used for skincare purposes. For a long time the cannabis plant, specifically the cannabis sativa seed that is used in their formulations, has been illegal for use in any sort of mass market or legal product formulation. Now that laws have changed, people are able to study and use cannabis sativa in products, especially skincare. 

I was sent the high five cannabis facial moisturizer to try out and review. This product is called high five because it calms, balances, hydrates, protects and replenishes the skin. As it turns out, the oil in the cannabis sativa plant is incredibly nutrient dense and it has the highest percent of essential fatty acids. This product contains the following: 20% cannabis sativa seed oil, red grape, cranberry, pomegranate, black cumin, broccoli, bergamot, petitgrain and melissa. Cannabinoids are highest in the percentage of essential fatty acids. They fortify the skin's extracellular matrix of collagen, elastin and the lipid barrier to help inhibit the dehydration of skin cells. It acts like skin's daily multivitamin, as it contains high levels of vitamins such as Vitamins A, B,C, D, E, beta carotene, phytosterols, phospholipids, minerals and 20 amino acids.

The cream helps neutralize an epidermal inflammatory response, meaning it helps to calm inflammation in the top layers of the skin. Also, this product helps to lower epidermal cortisol levels (helps to destress the skin). It calms and soothes stressed and fatigued skin. There are also a number of potent antioxidants in this moisturizer. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. This moisturizer also has adaptogenic action that helps stabilize healthy epidermal function by adjusting to the changing conditions and skin's specific needs, adaptogens help to adjust to the stress in the environment. It normalizes skin's acid mantle and sebum levels for optimum epidermal barrier protection against environmental stressors. Also, this moisturizer helps to purify and detoxify skin. It balances, hydrates and replenishes moisture to the skin. This cream was formulated without any parabens, harsh preservatives, petrochemicals, pesticides, BPA, phthalates, sulfates, GMOs, gluten, PEG, MEA, TEA, DEA, propylene, butylene glycols, silicones, artificial fragrances, synthetic colors and dyes. It truly is what we refer to as "clean beauty". 

Formulated without THC and CBD, cannabis sativa oil is made by cold pressing the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. This way they get the oil from the seeds and get all of the nutrients without getting any THC or CBD, which is in the full leaf that occurs when the plant is grown. What is extracted from the cold pressing is vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that are all essential to good skincare. The reason high products do not contain CBD is because it is not the most potent part of the plant for skincare. high five is formulated with the highest level of cannabis sativa seed oil, certified organic plant oils, high-potency antioxidants and pure plant essential oils. high five leaves your skin feeling balanced and replenished for healthy, beautiful skin.

To use, apply daily to skin after cleansing. Generously smooth over face and neck. I would recommend this cream for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skins. I would not recommend this for combination, oily and acneic skins. The reason being is that this cream is extremely rich. When applied one only needs a small amount because it is so rich and creamy. It sinks right into the skin but leaves a little bit of an oily residue on the face. Also, I would recommend this product for night for two reasons. First, the little bit of oily residue on the face leads me to recommend this for night. Two, this product doesn't have a sunscreen in it, so I believe it should be worn at night. It is too rich to be worn with a sunscreen, unless your skin is so parched that it would absorb both so well. If one applies this during the day and a sunscreen isn't used, then the results that are seen will just be negated. It is vitally important to wear at least a SPF30, preferably a mineral sunscreen such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, daily before foundation is applied or instead of foundation.

I like this product very much. It is extremely rich and buttery and when applied, makes the skin feel less parched and fully moisturized. I happen to have normal to dry skin, with my skin feeling much drier in winter, so this product is perfect for me. After cleansing, even with a mild cleanser, my skin feels dry. This cream was applied and my skin felt amazing. I also suffer from some eczema and this helped to calm it down by soothing it and getting rid of the itching. It helped with the redness and irritation that I have. My eczema is located only on my neck on the left side (I know, kind of weird, right?) and this cream made it practically disappear. The high five cannabis facial moisturizer is one of those creams that is perfect for anyone with normal, dry, sensitive or mature skin. It definitely calms inflammation, soothes skin, balances it out, replenishes moisture and hydrates skin with moisture. 

The high five cannabis facial moisturizer retails for $40.00 per 1.7 fl.oz./50mL jar. It is available online at,, SEPHORA stores and anywhere else high beauty is sold. Like high beauty on Facebook:; Follow high beauty on Twitter: @highskincare and Follow high beauty on YouTube:

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