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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Review: MURAD Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes #MURAD #HydroDynamic #UltimateMoistureForEyes

(product photo courtesy of www.murad.com)

0.5 fl.oz./15mL $70.00

Eye creams are one of the most important skincare products you can pick out for your regimen. The skin around the eye is very delicate and tends to start showing fine lines and wrinkles first. I can even remember that I started to use an eye cream on my eyes in my 20's. Ideally that is the best time to start, so that you can prevent anything from showing up. 

I would like to discuss my favorite eye cream today, MURAD Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes. This cream came to me in a subscription box and it quickly became my very favorite eye cream because it required so little to do a good job and because it sinks right into the skin without leaving a greasy finish around the eye area. This cream deeply quenches and nourishes to smooth the delicate eye area, it helps seal in moisture to restore smoothness and is a solution for dull, dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles and rough texture. Containing a blend of hyaluronic acid and algae extract. Gentle enough for sensitive skin even. Hyaluronic acid helps the eye cream hydrate the skin 1000x more than it normally would. Algae extract is highly purified microalgae form fermentation, helps with immediate and long-term firming. A peptide blend improves skin firmness to awaken the eye area. Vitamin E and shea butter hydrate and smooth to restore skin's smoothness.

I have been using this cream for months now and I haven't even made a dent in the cream yet it requires so little. It does seem expensive, but you will have this eye cream for a long time. It works wonders on the eye. It says to use it am and pm on the delicate eye area but I only use it in the am, because I use it on my lids and lower lids and I don't want eye cream messing up my makeup in the morning. With this eye cream I noticed that my eyes were more hydrated and definitely had less dryness associated with them. Do I recommend this cream? Definitely. More than any other eye cream I have ever tried. 

MURAD Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes retails for $70.00. It can be purchased online at www.murad.comwww.sephora.com and in SEPHORA stores as well as anywhere else MURAD is sold. Like MURAD on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MuradSkincare/ and Follow MURAD on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/muradskincare/.

Stay Safe and Healthy and Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
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