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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Simplify Your Life Week... #Organize #SimplifyYourLife #GeniusHacks #lifehacks #storage #cooking

Simplify Your Life Week:

  • Creases in your sneakers? Paint them with butter and put them in the freezer – then they’ll be crease-free!

  • Need a place to better store your shoes? You can make your own shoe rack out of shoe boxes, stacking them on top of one another so they take up less floor space!

  • Trying to make the perfect size meatballs? Cut a hole in the bottom of a bottle and press that into your chopped meat – it will make sure everything is even, which means everything will need the same cooking time.

  • Having a cookout and need a way to butter your corn? Use a skewer and roll it over the stick of butter – makes it even and tasty!

  • Roses beginning to wilt? Add Sprite to the water and it will perk them up immediately!

  • Dusting a fabric surface – like a lampshade? Use packing tape and it’s sure to do the trick.

Here is a video from TheSoul Publishing’s viral 5 Minute Crafts channel with more ideas: 

national simplify your life week.png

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