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Monday, December 21, 2020

Review: Exuviance Daily Resurfacing Peel CA #exuviancedailypeel #peelauthority #exuviance #gotitfree #skincare #beauty

Exuviance Daily Resurfacing Peel CA is a great mild peel. This product contains 10% citric acid, which comes from lemons or oranges, and has an acidic pH level that makes it perfect for providing a mild to moderate peeling effect on the skin, depending on your skin type and other AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) or retinoids you use. This peel is easy to use, as it is a one-step peel that is accomplished after cleansing. 

This peel will help exfoliate skin, provides a more even skin tone, brighten skin, help reduce fine lines, get rid of mild hyperpigmentation and smooth out rough skin texture. All of this can be accomplished with nightly use, without irritation or downtime. The main caveat is to remember to apply sunscreen during the daytime (no matter whether it is sunny or not, rain or shine) of at least a SPF30, so as not to undo the peel's effects on the skin. Also, the antioxidant effects of the citric acid are great to help fight off free radicals, which age the skin through environmental stressors. This peel is ideal to use daily or in between a higher strength peel. As I mentioned, there shouldn't be any irritation. If any occurs, stop use and consult a physician. 

I would recommend this for all skin types, except the most sensitive. You may notice some peeling of the skin with this peel when you first start it and that is normal, especially if you are not on any other AHAs. Also, you may also notice some breaking out if you are not on any other AHAs, this too is normal and shall subside. It is the skin's way of purging the hair follicles of any congestion. However, if you are on other AHAs/retinol or are used to them, you shouldn't notice any major difference. 

To use: apply after cleansing on clean dry skin. Leave on and let dry. Avoid lips and eyes. DO NOT RINSE. Then apply any serum or night cream after about 5 minutes. 

Exuvaince Daily Resurfacing Peel CA is available from www.exuviance.com. Follow Exuviance on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exuviance/?brand_redir=523724637799039; Follow Exuviance on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/exuviance/ and Subscribe to Exuviance on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/exuviance.

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