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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Review: The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA #TheOrdinary #Deciem #NaturalMoisturizingFactors #Beauty #Skincare

 (product photo courtesy of theordinary.deciem.com)

1 f.l.oz./30mL $5.80

If you are looking for a great, easy to use moisturizer that helps to protect the natural moisture barrier, then this is it. Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA  (NMF) are elements that keep the outer layer of the skin protected and well-hydrated. They are made up of multiple amino acids, fatty acids, triglycerides, urea, ceramides, phospholipids, glycerin, saccharides, sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid and other compounds that are naturally present in the skin. The formula from The Ordinary offers non-greasy hydration that helps to act as a direct topical supplement of impaired NMF components. It contains 11 amino acids, phospholipids, alpha/beta/gamma fatty acids, triglycerides, sterols, sterol esters, glycerin, ceramide precursors, urea, saccharides, sodium PCA, and hyaluronic acid. 

Amino acids are used in skincare as they help to play a role in your body's moisturizing ability. Fatty acids provide occlusive moisture, so they should always be applied after serums. Triglycerides create a barrier on the skin, helping to prevent moisture loss. Urea is a natural exfoliant, it helps to get rid of the old dead skin that may be preventing moisturizers from getting to your skin's new cells. Ceramides are the glue that hold the skin cells together in the skin's stratum corneum (the upper most layer of the epidermis). Phospholipids provide a barrier for the skin and help keep moisture in. They hydrate and assist in skin repair. Glycerin is an inexpensive humectant that has a low molecular weight and can penetrate all the way to the dermis. Saccharides have gentle skin-smoothing properties. Sterols help to reduce inflammation of the skin. Sodium PCA is a humectant that attracts water to the skin, it works along with hyaluronic acid in helping to add hydration to the upper layers of the skin.  

This product offers immediate hydration and lasting results with continued use. In fact it works very well for someone whose natural moisture barrier has been weakened. It is specifically for someone who has normal, dry skin, sensitive or mature skin. To use, apply after serums, as needed. This is used for effective surface hydration. It will likely sink in immediately as it isn't a heavy product. If irritation occurs cease use and consult a physician. Use only as directed on unbroken skin. 

The product comes in a 1 fl.oz./30 mL tube and is only $5.80, I would purchase two of them, since it is so small. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA  is available from theordinary.deciem.com, SEPHORA and ULTA BeautyLike DECIEM on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deciem/ and Follow DECIEM on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deciem/.

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Marie Papachatzis

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