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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Review: Supergoop CC Screen SPF50 100% Mineral CC Cream #Supergoop #CCScreen #CCCream #Beauty #MineralSunscreen

 (product photo courtesy of www.supergoop.com)

1.6 fl.oz./47mL $39.00
Sunscreen is an essential product that needs to be worn EVERYDAY. And I mean everyday, whether or not it is sunny out, raining or even if you are indoors (yes I mean indoors) because the sun's UV rays penetrate through the windows and cause damage to our delicate skin all the time. I actually refuse sunscreen only when I am sick and then I pull the curtains and lie in bed. If you don't believe me about this ask a dermatologist. Then ask another one. 

I happen to have a favorite sunscreen company. Supergoop. Every product they make has sunscreen in it, they are that dedicated it the love of it. Well CC Screen SPF50 100% Mineral CC Cream is an updated version of the original Daily Correct CC. CC usually stands for color correct but for Supergoop it means "complete care" because it is a light coverage cream that works like skincare to nourish & brighten skin but also has a broad spectrum SPF50 to protect skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The SPF50 is a mineral sunscreen, so those who are allergic to chemical ones can use this one without problem (it contains titanium dioxide 4% and zinc oxide 20%). 

It comes in 15 flexible shades. By flexible they mean that look great on different skin tones within the same shade range. The key to finding your perfect CC Screen shade is knowing your undertone, they come in cool, neutral and warm. And the coverage is lightweight yet buildable to cover imperfections. This product has a creamy, hydrating formula that contains Irish moss extract to help protect from free radicals (the nasty buggers that oxidize your cells and cause premature aging) and apple extract for instant luminosity. Supergoop suggests that you use this product as part of a SPF wardrobe with other sunscreen products to be sure to get the maximum sunscreen, because you might wear it as a tinted moisturizer or a concealer. Which is why they boosted it to SPF50. 

Another thing is that this was developed without a number of ingredients in mind. They made the formula the "cleanest" possible having removed all silicones (as these have an impact on the environment), it is reef-safe, non-irritating and doesn't contain any synthetic fragrance. It also doesn't contains any PEG's (polyethylene glycols), oil and it is non-comedogenic. So an type of skin can use this product: from those with sensitive to acneic skin types. 

Below here I am wearing shade 100C:

Supergoop CC Screen SPF50 in 100C

Supergoop CC Screen SPF50 in 100C

Personally, I really like the formula. I found the coverage to be light but definitely buildable. Also, I like that it is a SPF50 and that it is a mineral sunscreen. I wore a light bit of powder over it to set the finish, just a very tiny bit. It definitely wore well all day long. But I also wore it during the winter. I am not sure how well it would wear during the summer. If they could make the coverage heat and sweat resistant it would be absolutely perfect, however I am not sure that is possible with a mineral sunscreen. This is great for those of you who would like to have a mineral sunscreen and a foundation/tinted moisturizer all in one. I really cannot think of anything bad to say about the product. For a CC Cream/sunscreen it has a decent shade range (better than any other one I have ever seen). 

Supergoop CC Screen SPF50 100% Mineral CC Cream retails for $39.00 and can be purchased from www.supergoop.com. Like Supergoop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supergoop/; Follow Supergoop on Twitter: @supergoop and Follow Supergoop on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supergoop/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis


  1. I love the color and finish of this product, but I can’t tell if it’s accentuating the texture of my skin. It could be that I’m just using a stronger mirror than I normally use because I’m trying to dial in my application process.

    I’ve heard good things about Cure primer that stops sweat and oil but haven’t tried it. I just bought Thank Me Later primer and hope it works as it’s much cheaper. I LOVE Supergoop! Glowscreen and use it year round but when it’s hot my undereyes look sweaty. It’s difficult to get my concealer to stick, and extra powder causes caking.

  2. I just commented anonymously (June 9, 2023 3:34PM) and forgot to mention that I’m a 45 year old natural redhead and highlight my hair since the natural color has faded with age. The lighter highlights also brighten my skin. The 100C color is perfect for my skin and looks so natural. It’s one of the best foundation matches I’ve found. It’s also buildable so I can use a little more on my cheeks to hide redness.


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