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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Review: Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray #Aquaphor #OintmentBodySpray #Beauty #Skincare #BodyCare

 (product photo courtesy of www.aquaphorus.com)

3.7 oz./105g $9.97

Aquaphor has long been the choice for healing dry, cracked skin. Its combination of soothing, healing ingredients has been something that people turn to in times of need. Well now they have something new out that is even better for some people. Introducing Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray

This is a breakthrough innovation that immediately soothes and relieves dry rough skin all day. The cooling spray is easy to apply and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Unlike a spray lotion, the ointment is water-free and locks in moisture to keep skin hydrated. The spray moisturizer is especially ideal for arms, legs and even the back. It even sprays upside down!

This product is perfect because it intensively moisturizes to help heal dry, rough skin. It is easy to apply, even on hard to reach areas such as the back. The continuous spray goes on evenly. It has been clinically proven to relieve very dry skin. Prevents dry skin from returning all day. Gives skin a radiant, healthy looking glow. It is preservative and fragrance-free, and is a hypoallergenic moisturizer. 

To use: first shake. Then apply 3-5 inches away from the skin. Finally, gently rub into the skin for immediate relief. 

Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray is very different than regular Aquaphor, which is very heavy for some people. This is much a much lighter formula. It contains the following ingredients: Butane, petrolatum, mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, panthenol, glycerin and bisabolol. Butane is the propellant the makes it spray from the can. Petrolatum is the heavy occlusive that allows it to stay on the skin and for moisture to actually hold onto the skin. Mineral oil is also an occlusive that locks in moisture. Ceresin is a waxy ingredient derived from clay and is used as a thickening agent. Lanolin alcohol is an emollient that helps defend against moisture loss and that maintains a supple feel on dry skin. Panthenol, also known as ProVitamin B3, is a skin soothing agent that keeps skin feeling soft and supple. Glycerin is a humectant that attracts water to the skin and allows for moisture to enter the skin. Finally, bisabolol is a soothing agent extracted from chamomile, commonly used in moisturizers it has also been shown to have some skin brightening properties. 

What are my thoughts on this product? I especially like it for my back. I honestly have the driest skin imaginable and have the hardest time reaching my back. With this I can spray the skin on my back without any problem and not worry about missing any areas. I have some shoulder issues related to a car accident, so I don't have full range of motion in my right arm, With this I can spray my whole back and relieve the dry, itchy skin on my there immediately. Or, I can spray other areas of my body that are dry and itchy and I don't necessarily want to use a heavy tube of Aquaphor for. This product works just as well as the original without the heavy feeling. Don't get me wrong, it is still kind of heavy. But compared to the original, it is definitely world's away. I have been on the search for the best body lotions lately since I have such dry body skin. This one is not a panacea for the whole body, but it will work in a pinch for the driest areas. 

Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray retails for $9.97 and is available from www.amazon.com. Like Aquaphor on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AquaphorUS/; Follow Aquaphor on Twitter: @aquaphorus?lang=en; Follow Aquaphor on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aquaphorus/ and Subscribe to Aquaphor on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_uYz8C_AdP-cLiVdhw9dA.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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