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Thursday, February 4, 2021

In Which Order Should You Use Your Skincare Products? #Skincare #Beauty #SkincareProducts

 In Which Order Should You Use Your Skincare Products?

After you cleanse and tone your skin, the most important thing you do is apply your skincare regimen. And it may not seem like much, but the order you apply the products in is actually very important. It all has to do with chemistry and the size of the molecule of each product. Once certain products are applied, they become occlusive (to stop or block) and the molecules cannot reach the deeper layers of the skin because the molecules are not small enough. We will discuss this further on. Should you find that you have products balling up on you, then this is probably why. Or, you haven't waited long enough in between products for them to absorb. It can be rather frustrating and wasteful, especially when you pay an arm and a leg for good skincare products!

Let us start by discussing essences. This is the first product you would start out with after a toner. Essences need to be applied right away after cleansing or toning and they are best applied by hand if they are hydrating. Or via cotton pad if they are exfoliating (you don't want to get this product into your eyes). Hydrating essences should be patted on the skin (I kind of smack my skin in a sense, helping to bring forth circulation) for best absorption. Trust me, pat it on and it will absorb into the skin so much quicker than if you just rubbed it in alone. Wait about 30-60 seconds. 

Next comes serums. You might be using one serum, two serums or three serums. I sometimes use up to three serums a night. Yes, you heard me right. They need to be water based and are hydrophilic (dissolve by water). Serums are applied in a similar fashion as the essence. Pat it on, after slightly smoothing on the serum. Wait about a minute until the serum has absorbed into the skin. If you are using some sort of powder to mix into the serum, such as a Vitamin C powder, mix it in during this step.  

If you have any gels, like Differin (adapalene) for acne, then apply them now, or  another type of retinoid serum. Usually this is when the retinoid product gets applied. Differin is a type of retinoid. Most retinoids take the form of a gel, serum or light lotion. Retin-A would also get applied in this step since it is a form of retinoid. Make sure to wait until the retinoid has absorbed before applying the next product, usually 60 seconds-2 minutes. 

We come next to the lotions and creams. Generally this is the last step unless you are going to use a facial oil, which is definitely the last step used. First you would apply a lotion, as it is lighter than a cream. Creams generally contain heavier molecules and are more occlusive than anything except facial oils. If you are planning on applying a facial oil do not plan on applying a heavy facial cream, as it will not likely be able to penetrate. Apply a gel-cream textured product that is lighter weight and less occlusive, even if you have dry skin. Always make sure to wait until the cream has absorbed into the skin if you are going to apply a facial oil, you will be able to tell for sure when there isn't any tackiness on the skin anymore. 

During the day this would be when you apply a SPF. The SPF is very important and can be a moisturizer with SPF or just a SPF. Now companies are even making serums with SPF in them. Then it gets a little bit confusing. Skip the moisturizer if you are using a SPF with hydration. I usually advise people to try and get products that kill two birds with one stone if they can. There is no need to use two products if it can be avoided. But you do need to use SPF. However, if you are using one of the new hybrid serum/SPF products, then still use a moisturizer if you feel dry. Don't skip that step. I have tried a few of these products though and they are actually pretty good. I reviewed one of them already. See my review of the Garnier Green Labs Brightening Cream 24H Moisture Pinea-C SPF 30 

Finally, if you plan on applying a facial oil do it as the very last step in your regimen. Oils are the most occlusive and once applied nothing can get through to the epidermis. Anyone can use facial oils once they find the right one for their skin type (a discussion for another time). Facial oils usually don't absorb completely, but might leave a tiny bit of oily residue on the skin. This is normal. Try not to use too much oil, just a few drops. You do not necessarily have to use a facial cream and an oil both at the same time. Maybe your skin cannot handle both. That is fine. Instead, just use the oil or the cream. Facial oils/creams are hydrophobic (failure to mix with water) and therefore should be applied as far away from serums and essences as possible. Once applied, serums and gels will not be able to penetrate because the molecules are so large. 

You might be using a sleeping mask/pack, and if so you would use this product instead of the facial cream and/or facial oil at this juncture. I happen to love sleeping masks/packs and feel they should be used more often. These are heavy hybrid versions of masks/facial creams that come from S.Korea and are heavenly for the skin. They usually give a good dose of moisture or sometimes they can exfoliate the skin. Either way, these products are nutrient dense and usually full of botanical extracts that help to give the skin a nice glow. You will find your skin looks amazing when you rinse them off in the morning. Warning though, they are not for every skin type, find one that is specifically for your skin type before using. The sleeping mask/pack gets left on overnight and is rinsed off in the morning. Let it absorb before laying on your pillow. 

In conclusion, should you do all of these steps, your products will likely go on swimmingly without balling up on you. And you should not have any problems with your skincare regimen. Following the steps is always key to a successful nighttime anti-aging skincare regimen.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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