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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Eco Lips Introduces Hemp Plant Pod® Based Biodegradable Lip Balm! #EcoLips #PlantPod #HempLipBalm #Beauty #Skincare #LipBalm #LipCare #Environment #biodegradable

 (product photo courtesy of www.ecolips.com)


With our climate in disarray, it is vitally important that we produce as little plastic as is feasible and maintain as much in sustainability standards as possible. Did you know that the beauty industry is one of the largest polluters on the planet? The industry makes the most packaging per product and garbage out of any industry save for the medical industry. Any part that the beauty industry can play in making sustainable or biodegradable packaging, then by all means let them, because this is what we need for the future. 

Well Eco Lips has come up with a very nifty solution for its lip balm. They have made the first completely sustainable and biodegradable packaging for their Hemp formula that is also made from reclaimed farm byproducts: their Plant Pod® Innovation, the first 100% plastic free tube! Isn't that beautiful? This new tube is environmentally friendly and sustainable, crafted of material re-claimed from farm byproducts which otherwise would have been burned. The tubes look, feel and function just like a traditional plastic lip balm tube. They contain ZERO plastic elements, heavy metals or polymers, including BPA or phthalates. Plant Pod® technology aligns with Eco Lips continued push for sustainable solutions. The labels are also plastic free. With the absence of plastic and fossil fuel-based ingredients, Eco Lips is reducing its carbon footprint and decreasing the production and disposal of plastic. This decision aligns with their core values as a company but also helps satisfy the consumer demands for more environmentally friendly products. Eco Lips Plant Pod® is the first plant based, plastic-free lip balm tube that fully functions like a regular tube. It celebrates the power of plants and the ability to choose simple, everyday products that are better for our health and the health of our environment. Eco Lips has the exclusive rights of the plant tube in North America. 

Here are photos of the tube and the CEO of Eco Lips with the tube:

Plant Pod No packaging

Not only did they introduce the Plant Pod® tube but Eco Lips took their special Hemp based lip balm and put it in the tube! Eco Lips Hemp Lip Balm is definitely different than their other Moringa based flavors. The beneficial properties of hemp seed oil are renowned throughout the world. From the first time you twist the cap off these Hemp-infused lip balms, your lips will be soothed and protected. These Eco Lips moisturizing lip balms feature certified organic Hemp seed oil paired with organic flavors, herbs and Vitamins for a luxurious, nutrient rich experience. The Cherry Hemp Lip Balm packs a deliciously sweet, juicy and slightly tart flavor. Vanilla Mint smells refreshing, light and uplifting. Coconut has that yummy tropical scent that reminds me of the beach. All are infused with beneficial Hemp seed oil for a luxurious nutrient-rich experience. Hemp nourishes and conditions the lips for long-lasting moisturization and protection. Organic Hemp Lip Balm has been one of the mainstays since Eco Lips' beginning. They loved it back then and and love it even more now. And they know you will love it too. It is not made with any THC or CBD. This lip balm is ultra soothing to the lips. These Hemp Plant Pod Lip Balms are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Fair Trade Certified, gluten-free and Leaping Bunny Certified (cruelty-free). 

Eco Lips happens to be my favorite brand of lip balm.  It goes on so nice and smoothly and really protects the lips. This is in part due to the beeswax in the balm, which is a great protectant and sealant of moisture. Also, the hemp seed oil helps to provide hydration to the lips where there is none. It also contains sunflower seed oil, an oil that provides great hydration for the lips and it wears well. Vitamin E provides soothing hydration and antioxidant protection. Calendula extract helps to soothe the lips, so if they are accidentally chapped, this will help to soothe the chafing and protect the lips. I like that these wear so well, I don't find myself reapplying this lip balm every half an hour like I do others. When I go to reach for a lip balm during the day it is always for an Eco Lips lip balm. They do have vegan choices if you prefer something to that effect. See their vegan line here: https://ecolips.com/collections/vegan

Eco Lips Hemp Plant Pod® Lip Balm retails for $3.49 and can be purchased online at www.ecolips.com. Like Eco Lips on Facebook: https://facebook.com/ecolips; Follow Eco Lips on Twitter: @ecolips; Follow Eco Lips on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ecolips. Follow Eco Lips on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ecolips and Subscribe to Eco Lips on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLKEDhOp0JXTTe8_z6YABGg.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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